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Yang Wenjun attends meeting of world economy forum on invitation
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Yang Wenjun of Meng Niu's president attends on invitation " world economy forum " the conference, will apply gentleman of made of baked clay cloth to meet with forum chairman

On September 5, be called " the summer amounts to Wo Si " " growing peak of world economy forum is met -- first 2007 get newly army person annual meeting " be about to hold in Dalian, inner Mongolia also received the superlative degree of cacique of economy of this whole world to fasten imperscriptible grand meeting, " economic U.N. " economic invitation letter. It is reported, chinese milk industry is gotten army Yang Wenjun of president of lacteal trade group already endured Meng Niu of champion of grandma of liquid state of enterprise, whole world invite participate in forum, "The father of world economy forum " Mr Shiwabu invites Yang Wenjun technically still to meet, discuss jointly get newly army person the road that grow. And the gold milk that comes from a prairie is special Lun Su is chosen advocate " amount to Wo Si forum " much home appoints a hotel, receive consult the global economy cacique of the meeting and each country high official. Breed a Meng Niu, E Er much this wait for a batch of economy " get newly army person " Inner Mongolia, getting gradually of the world fix eyes upon, build the great ambition of center of world milk industry hard, more the powerful motive force that becomes Inner Mongolia to move toward the world.

In recent years, in Meng Niu, Bao Gang, E Er much this wait for characteristic estate company drive below, inner Mongolia economy already sailed drive. National statistic bureau shows about data, 15 during growth of Inner Mongolia GDP is amounted to 16.6% , economic growth is ranked 4 years in the whole nation continuously the first, total output value amounts to whole 2006 area 479 billion yuan. The Inner Mongolia that harmonious high speed develops got the wide attention of the world, reuter cites the word of economist, praise inside unconscious development " extraordinary and conspicuous " , the United States a of Chinese research project senior researcher expresses Carnegie, this grows to had exceeded other Asia country " miracle " . And of the development of Inner Mongolia, milk industry that regards prairie pillar as the industry especially grow, also producing bigger and bigger effect to world economy. Concerned data shows, in recent years the milk increment of 1/4 above comes from the whole world inside unconscious. Winner of large award of unconscious ox of champion of grandma of global liquid state and innovation of industry of milk of IDF whole world is special of Lun Su be born, more let whole world firmly remember this Inner Mongolia name, this also is llano gets " Dawosi " the main reason that great kindness invites.

The development miracle that Inner Mongolia creates was won " world economy forum " olive; And provide most as what the prairie creates representative " get newly army person " , unconscious Niu Ye is depended on " rocket speed " the miracle that created the whole world to breed industry grows, won the world fix eyes upon. Do poineering work 8 years to come, business income of Meng Niu grows 370 multiple, not only liquid state grandma, yoghurt and ice-cream sales volume precede in the round in home, the global liquid state that still becomes grandma of day produce and sale to had measured 10 thousand tons suckles total champion, of innovation research and development " gold milk " special Lun Su more on plenary meeting of trade of milk of world of the 27th IDF force seizes the whole world to breed course of study innovates large award. On the forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle that will hold this year in April, the social responsibility that the crackajack delegate that Meng Niu breeds cause president Yang Wenjun regards Chinese youth as entrepreneur discusses a business jointly with Bill Gates on invitation and grow continuously, suffer this invite attend " world economy forum " , gained Shiwabu's favour again. The innovation force that precedes by right of the milk product of international character and whole world, meng Niu becomes a prairie to enter calling card of world scenic international gradually.
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