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5.5 billion dollar buys the nest fine treasure
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Nest China company was announced external yesterday, the nest buys the United States order of law of belong to the same organization of company of fine treasure of company of food of the biggest baby is finished already successfully. The company finished pair of fine treasure at will succeeding on August 31 buy, should buy on September 1 become effective, the nest has begun to take fine treasure conformity department of business of nest baby nutrition at present.

This year in April, switzerland appears on the market to company nest comes out first degrees and buy the message of fine treasure brand, the decision purchases this next United States' oldest infantile food mill with 5.5 billion dollar. Latter is Switzerland before this the subsidiary below division of group of Nuo China pharmacy, the infantile food market that is in the United States is had rate is near 80% , and the United States also is the infantile food market with the biggest whole world.

As we have learned, the product that at present fine treasure sells in Chinese market is imported from the United States entirely, miss He shows controller related nest China company, the conformity of Chinese market and global synchronism undertake, and market of fine treasure China by conformity of nest China company, the business of both is nonexistent also compete. Finish time as to specific details and integrated plan, miss He expresses to still not be clear about temporarily.

The half annual report that the nest just publishs shows, nest company turnover amounts to franc of 51.1 billion Switzerland first half of the year this year (add up to 42.58 billion dollar about) , net profit profit grows 18.4% , amount to franc of 4.92 billion Switzerland (add up to 4.1 billion dollar about) . Because suffer the effect that buys fine treasure company, dimensions of ministry of food of nutrition of nest of second half of the year will expand, the turnover of predicting second half of the year will appear subsequently growth.

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