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Bribery proposal of staff of domestic Le Fu investigates: Selling a position is
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As on area of north of China of happy blessing of lunar end home purchases a class 8 times to because receive,grow the supplier boodles and by police subpoena, hide to be exposed gradually eventually in the gray district with current old trade it is under sunlight. This month 1 day, domestic Le Fu opens 24 hours to complain inside countrywide limits hot line and complain mailbox, subsequently, mai Delong, happy buy the action that also publicizes punish to purchase corruption in succession.

Many cross a country to sell field is neat show anti-corruption storm, this is not much in development of Chinese current job see. The reporter discovers in investigation, major supplier to selling this kind of way of field even already be accustomed to sth. Into sell talk about an amount to want bribery, sell good place is begged to want bribery inside field, sell the deliver goods outside field to contend for time to also want bribery. So, is a commodity entered sell greatly in how many link can you go up after all suffer exploit? Below the aureola with normative management of the shopkeeper that cross a state after all under cover be bored with of how many cat? Can commercial ethics and law restrain the corrupt behavior of current trade?

"The position " it is chip of all alone bribe

Annual mid-autumn, the Wang Liang that does moon cake business (employee of department of some supplier market, alias) it is the busiest when. Besides preparation enough supply of goods, outside arranging sales promotion to plan, to can selling the position with be striven for good in field, he always also should get ready to sell according to the convention in field " basic level personnel " , the class that contacts with goods happening directly namely the long, member that receive money, prevent caustic to wait a moment. The class is senior can decide the position, close goods and prevent caustic to matter to filling goods to be spent in time directly.

Alleged " get ready " be in namely give besides all sorts of charge of a Le Fu, wrap a red bag to give these grass-roots unit again, go to the lavatory in order to get. Wang Liang says, the supplier is selling what value most in field, it is the position, the 2 seasonable degree that are filling goods, 3 it is the price. The class grows the price to be controlled harder, because door inn did not purchase right. What play tricks the most easily is commodity display the position.

According to introducing, headquarters of area of domestic happy blessing can set commonly inside field what is advocate passageway, what is complementary passageway, advocate complementary passageway lays head of how many caboodle respectively, how does direction of stream of people go, but sell an original idea that should play tricks to be able to change these position completely a bit only. For instance, a billboard is put by of head of caboodle of a sales promotion, much by open a few complementary channels, so personnel arrives with respect to meeting billabong another passageways, sales promotion piled the appeal of the head to also drop.
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