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Li Jin writes down: The administrative secretary Ji of household company
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"Rich do not cross 3 generation " how is this one fate broken? On May 17, li Jin writes down the 3rd Dai Chuanren, Hong Kong to write a familial business Li Jin writes down group chairman Li Wenda to be in Tsinghua university to address, he told about 190 years to come to the teachers and students that be present Li Jin is written down break " rich do not cross 3 generation " , seek the course of the talk that dismisses inheritance. Chinese finance grand ceremony

According to the United States the research of a household business college shows, the household company that has 70% about fails to pass next generation, 88% fail to express the 3rd era, after only the household company of 3% is reached in the 4th generation, still managing.

Household company is the industry organization form that is ligament with familial blood arteries and veins, but be not familial blood arteries and veins ceaseless, the company can grow flourishingly forever. Investigation makes clear, future 10 coming 20 years will be the fastigium that the person that Chinese folk fortune does poineering work from generation turns to the 2nd generation, the education of successor became a when be placed before these business circles personages major education difficult problem. Our country is not little household company also bitter seeks a kind of efficient inheritance way.

What Li Jin writes down is distinctive depend on, it not only had gone smoothly 119 years, pass baton to the 4th acting hand, and still teach through accepting traditional culture, strict " familial constitution " wait for communication mechanism with familial committee, will " profit of company of familial interest and rather than is consummate " concept influence transmits the Five Dynasties. Pass this " example is unscrambled " , inspire somewhat to many household companies probably.

Take the route of the brand: Do poineering work forever

Li Jin is written down is the world's well-known dressing trademark, from 1888 Li Jinchang is in Zhuhai a village founds since the small mill that oyster sauce produces, to nowadays Li Jin remembers the well-known company that has grown to sell 80 many countries and area to produce moral, its oyster sauce owns the market share of 80% in the United States, and rate platoon is had in Japan the first.

Already Li Wenda of many years old 70 tells a reporter, li Jin is written down, main profit from " do poineering work forever " concept and practice. We know, on metabolic world, not can " defend so that live " thing. Do poineering work forever only, ability maintains health to develop continuously.

He says, traditional dressing enters a doorsill very low, the person that do much, competition is very intense, do not allow greatly easy. On the phylogeny that writes down in Li Jin, having very long period of time is a product all the time the market is onefold, single, such going go down won't have the possibility that rise abruptly. Accordingly, do poineering work forever even if innovate ceaselessly: Go up in innovation of mount of the innovation on the product, bag, market the innovation, innovation on administrative concept.
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