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8 years strategic seminar is in new lion beer Zhengzhou is held
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On September 17, 2007 morning 9 when, 8 years strategic seminar is in new lion beer victory of edifice of Zhengzhou city port is held.

From 2007 January 28 days since appearing on the market formally, run more through half an year, new lion beer obtained satisfactory result, have the honor to win early or late " Henan saves attestation of super grade of only country product " , " Henan saves beer of exclusive fashion brand " wait for honorary title. Bubble of new lion beer the rich, exquisite, force that kill a mouth strong, mouthfeel is distinctive, got broad customer approbate.

It is reported, new lion beer is by Hong Kong new lion (international) the brand of a beer of mainland of investment of group limited company. Hong Kong new lion (international) group limited company (the following abbreviation: New lion international) it is company of group of a large omnibus investment, hong Kong of headquarters locate China. Brand of new lion beer is afterwards Hong Kong after Hua Runxue spends beer to appear on the market successfully in the mainland another in high-end brand, new lion beer first brand of domestic numerous beer is garrisoned Henan, register limited company of beer of Henan new lion to be in center of the production of the mainland, sale as new lion beer, progressively implementation is a center with Central Plains Henan, the development strategy of radiation whole nation.

This second the seminar invited delegate of agency of city of each district of new lion beer to attend. Chairman of king of chairman of dredge county chamber of commerce made passionate speech, he managed the inadequacy among half an year of new lion beer and desirable place to make summary sex speech, be opposite the individual of new lion beer experience did share, also expressed the determination that manages new lion beer 8 years at the same time. On the meeting, ascend a market, Meng Zhou the market, long wall market, orchid one's deceased father waited for market dealer delegate to also publish the impressions that differs severally, express to managed new lion beer to experience a lot of, grew a lot of, harvested a lot of, will cooperate better with new lion beer henceforth.

Finally, a famous sale of domestic engineered company controller to also make important speech, they reach future to developed a state to also do deep analysis to current situation of trade of Henan market beer, also offerred affirmation to the development of new lion beer.

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