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Sunshine of Guangdong medicines and chemical reagents is purchased encounter pro
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Guangdong medicines and chemical reagents " sunshine is purchased " encounter profit gain play chess again. Eve (5 days of) , nearly 30 druggist suggest jointly to cancel next year or defer to execute " two tickets are made " , cause wide attention.

Yesterday (6 days of) , save wholesome hall to say about chief front response, "Sunshine is purchased " reform is with common people indebted for centre of gravity, but also meet the reasonable profit of tripartite of business of production of drug of give attention to two or morethings, agency, medical establishment appeals to beg. Because save each district circumstance to differ completely, "Two tickets are made " be progressively promotion, not be one knife absolutely cut. Edit newly at present plan or first draft, seeking an opinion extensively, greeting society all circles raises reasonable proposal more.

To a few misgive of druggist and misunderstanding, participate in " sunshine is purchased " the expert also gives clean up.

Reform analyse because  " medicines and chemical reagents poured 78 hands, 10 yuan leave factory violent wind rises 100 yuan "

Why should Guangdong take the lead in popularizing in the whole nation " are two tickets made " ?

"Sunshine is purchased " why does Yang Jun of expert group group leader explain say, at present medical price why is empty tall? The key is in our country dealer of pharmaceutical factory, drug is too much too excessive, intermediate current link is too much, layer upon layer increase price layer upon layer exploit, finally is the patient is expensive drug price " buy sheet " .

He says, at present Hong Kong has 7 pharmaceutical factory, distribute company has 2 only. Medical product sale is our country the Japan of 5 times, distribute company of the whole nation has many 160 only. But only Guangdong, company of distribute of medicines and chemical reagents amounts to many 2000, it is in great quantities among them " packets of big company " , make out an invoice earns price difference, did not deserve to send ability however.

With astonishing the throughout the country " neat 2 medicine " false medicine bright bacterium Jia Suwei exemple, from neat 2 medicine leave factory every need 5 yuan only, arrived agency " limited company of trade of medicine of source of Guangzhou gold Heng " in the hand, sold with every 34 yuan high price deserve to send dealer " company of Guangdong medicine health care " , and " company of Guangdong medicine health care " raised 36 yuan to sell Zhongshan 3 courtyards with every again, become 46.1 yuan in patient hand again. "Two tactics turned among, opened bill 3 times, the price turned over 9 times! And a lot of medicines and chemical reagents were to pour 78 hands, from factory price 10 yuan of violent wind rise 100 yuan. " be certain just about drug market this one " chronic illness " , guangdong reforms ability this to leave went out " two tickets are made " fierce medicine. Alleged " two tickets are made " , show medicines and chemical reagents sells one class agency to open bill from pharmaceutical factory namely, agency sells hospital reopen bill, with " two tickets " replace current and common 7 tickets, 8 tickets, reduce current segment, squeeze medical price moisture thereby.
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