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Who can you be the same as with flourishing young happy?
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Candied and recreational change, the function is changed is the focus that everybody pays close attention to all the time in the last few years, the ceaseless enlarge look of market of sugar of the rapid growth of xylose alcohol, gel what be candied industry is recreational change road to point to clear direction, among them the development of children candy has become candied industry to lead to undoubtedly recreational a when change way important way. In children candy respect, the old position of candy of flourishing young QQ is not to need more doubt. However, as the ceaseless development of the market and dilate, flourishing young is the closest progress of two years becomes slow apparently, go up besides taste undertake a few update besides, have any new development hardly. I think flourishing young also is being searched for certain with happy person.

The cartoon figure of flourishing young already widely known, its market is had leading is the half left and right sides that reached market of whole gel sugar more, below this kind of circumstance, the solo dance of flourishing young begins to lose its original appeal with each passing day. The novel to pursuit, children customer that yearns for an attempt will tell, the forestall of flourishing young has satisfied their requirement hard. The gel sugar market that shows level had reached the market size of 1 billion yuan of above, and the potential and contented Chengdu of consumer still comes out without sufficient mining far. Below this kind of circumstance, other trademark intervenes the successful coefficient of this domain begins to increase.

The success of flourishing young basically depends on he is in of children food market long-term and occupational formed distinct brand advantage, additionally also is the most important is flourishing flourishing to C, D kind of terminal tall enclothe lead the one big main reason that makes him operate candy of flourishing young QQ successfully. Show according to available data, flourishing flourishing to C, D kind the market of terminal is had rate be next to arrow card, and the item characteristics of gel candy and mainstream consumption crowd decided the sales volume of 80 % basically relies on this kinds of product directly these two kinds of terminal. In hold brand force, channel advantage and enter first below the circumstance of the advantage such as machine, the monodrama of flourishing young also is become inevitable.

Be in can gel candy hold flourishing young animal only on this arena? The answer is negative of course, so, flourishing young gives him in all dance person stay again what arena space is there? We can analyse flourishing young to be in the acquired inadequacy of dancing respect.

Above all, ten years of flourishing son figure invariable give a person the impression with figure ageing apparently. Although flourishing young besides QQ candy, in rice fruit, great gift the respect such as cake of bag, snow has very tall meet rate, but relative to Yu Wang the mainstream consumption crowd of the young is told, its appeal is already apparent and abate.
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