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Maotai: Liquor price unlocks carouse fortune vintage wine
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In July 1988, the country unlocked the value of 13 kinds of renown wine. The price of a bottle of 53 degrees Maotai from rise 35 yuan very quickly reach 140 yuan. Liquor industry from this to commercialize stride a materiality the first pace.

Although price control is unlocked at that time, after cancelling the price double track with quite much controversy to make, all trades and professions begins dynamic in succession " the price is entered close " , but of renown wine price unlocking is to enter one of closing spring tide only " wavelet is spent " , disappear very quickly in the memory of people. Look later after 20 years, this " wavelet is beautiful " can regard Maotai as to accumulate wealth greatly and make capital grow on the market fill an unabated " 100 yuan " cornerstone.

One wine is begged hard

Walk into small town Maotai, walked into the world of wine, maotai factory is built in winding and by the side of the bare water river that cross, dissipation is worn the not capacious small market with popular wine on the road, often had sailed a luxurious car, be a country wine Maotai, let the whole nation count with 100 million plan fortune inpour this small town.

The entry point of small in April town is in nap highway, the building side the street is uniform, it is the result of conscious program apparently, this is not the about ten years ago any more. "Before July 1988, cannot buy Maotai at all in the market. " the Chinese wine job that is in charge of relevant plan job in those days is current association secretary-general Liu member tell " daily of the first finance and economics " , cannot buy likewise still have 5 grain liquid (42.45, 1.55, 3.79%) and sword Na Chun, a general designation " Mao Wujian " , this one view now as before continue to use.

At that time " Mao Wujian " output is very little, national trade department regards the wine of sugar industry smoke that gives each the province for commodity allocation especially as the company his, every province may divide hundreds of case (every box 12 bottles of) , save company of liquor of sugar industry smoke to allocate its each prefectural town again each next, particular finally branch has one case only to the likelihood when a certain county, can be other people of common alley road bought how again?

Liu member tell " daily of the first finance and economics " , the liquor price at that time is minute of archives management, the renown wine such as Maotai is class of a price, wine of a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum is another class. According to publishing a material, pass in those days " batch " acquisition 500 milliliter price of 53 degrees of Maotai is every bottle 35 yuan.

The price is unlocked let Maotai wait for a wine business " social status times add " . Maotai promotes instantly it is 140 yuan, another renown wine is 80 yuan, and the price before its are unlocked is 16.9 yuan only, the 52 prices of the Na Chun that spend a sword also promote 500 milliliter instantly it is 36 yuan, the price before unlocking is it is 15.8 yuan only.
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