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Do good sale to upgrade, small foreigner just can appear on the stage again rank
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If say Meng Niu is some closer year of miracle that created milk industry, can say none exaggeratively so, small foreigner is almost synchronous the miracle that created lacteal beverage industry. Before long still is a little known small plant, however can the eye consider the situation with strategist, kept away from ably tycoon of a few big milkings is in the fight closely of urban market, be far from gunfire smoke of gunpowder, develop a new style or a new method of one's own. The successful highest administrative levels that realized competition -- be far from competition. Below the case that has a competitor hardly, by right of tall calcium yoghurt, happy large award and later upgrade the product is clever love the product with very strong dominant position of equal difference dissimilation, with " the country surrounds a city " the strategy, have his moment quickly market of and other places of China north, northeast, Hua Dong. The product demands exceeds supply for a time, created industry of milkings of home of gain level prep above average gain the miracle of 3 times above! Sale still did not pass 10 thousand yuan thousands of small plant 2000, annual in order to break up time speed develops dilate. To 2006 sale already amounted to 1.6 billion yuan!

Yoghurt of small foreigner tall calcium, use high temperature evaporate to boil film to pack, every bags of 125 milliliter, appropriate 10 years old of the following children are drinkable. Retail price is in 0.4~0.5 yuan / bag, because acid is sweet goluptious, nutrition rich, price is low, get of rural children love. Fill the blank of market of cheap milk drink. Especially at the beginning of 2003 " SARS " caused panicky disease, formed lacteal drink in market of vast rural area " spending is current " . Small foreigner welcomed rapid development, outspread opportunity.

"Happy large award " it is small foreigner in Le Baishi " healthy express " , child with a ha breaths out " AD calcium is suckled " the follow-up later product. Long-term since, le Baishi, child with a ha is breathed out belong to in rural market " luxury " . "Happy large award " although inferior a bit,go up in mouthfeel quality at this two old brands, but bottle novel and chic, every releaser milk still is added give a toy, sell a site distinctly, be full of the price of competition ability, very bear children chase after hold in both hands. Formed pair of Le Baishi, child to with a ha be breathed out in rural market " intercept " .

Clever loving is small foreigner is in lacteal beverage industry blossom everywhere, be modelled on the technical content that rolls out in time is higher after become a common practice upgrade transition product. The beginning of drink of milk of first home fruit (first name breeds for actor acid, instead delicacy breeds if really after. The country comes on stage after banning delicacy to make more the name had better be loved) . "Milk fruit juice " make nutrition more comprehensive, in satisfy one's thirst while compensatory protein and vitamin. Mouthfeel is delightful, price moderate, make the fashionable drink that little male girls favor. Urban and rural market of rapid fashionable whole nation.
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