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Big bright conformity changes resource new season, the Great Northern Wilderness
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Limited company of bright food group (group of light of the following abbreviation) the plan that breaking the market to be confined to group interior asset to recombine to its guesses.

On September 26, cao Shumin shows this group vice president, "Bright group is the first of industries of 500 strong company food, although we had owned brand of numerous star food, but what we still hope to pass light is retail sell channel with cent, the manufacturer that allows home to have resource and bright solidarity arrive one case. The manufacturer that allows home to have resource and bright solidarity arrive one case..

The 2nd bright food that this one plan has run in bright group is able to fulfil on the section. Will arrive on September 26 between October 10, the Great Northern Wilderness (600598, SH) with new celestial boundary (ST new season, 600084, SH) more than kinds of 200 product, will mix of bright group advocate hit star brand light to breed course of study, coronal gives birth to toffee of hare of garden become known, wait for add up to with yellow rice or millet wine of door of library of wine, stone 1300 kinds of food exhibit at the same time.

Group of this dispute light has a brand to appear on bright food division first oneself. What reveal on division of the first bright food is bright group entirely have brand food oneself.

With " light adds up to the home joyous, delicate health goes " the division of the 2nd bright food that gives priority to a problem, the hope can accomplish a service at the whole nation, conform with international. "In the grafting process with countrywide resource, we need to listen to the opinion of consumer, the product structural adjustment that is future has made sufficient preparation. " Ge Junxiong of bright group vice president expresses.

Secretary of vise general manager of new season international, board of directors checks brave to disclose, at present this company has year of yield in Xinjiang 110 thousand tons Asia is the biggest bishop produces base, the main component that the wine that its produce has left group of sugar of subsidiary Shanghai smoke with bright group division sells company victory strong the agreement that signed Hua Dong area to always act as agent, for Xin Guangguo the bishop of border is in Hua Dong area get through sale channel. "The cent of bright group sells channel of network, terminal very perfect, this laid very good foundation for business collaboration. " Ge Junxiong of bright group vice president expresses.

In the light of " change resource with channel, whether can light permeate upriver food resource from capital level " problem, ge Junxiong expresses: "Show level collaboration has not involved capital level. " but he discloses, not long ago, bright group president heads a group personally south king an administrative unit in Xizang far went to Xinjiang to research new celestial boundary and its parent company, "The whole that hopes to advance both sides actively cooperates " .
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