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Because commerce boodles,health master waits by Guiyang put on record of industr
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Yesterday, guiyang city industrial and commercial bureau reported whole first half of the year this year town to investigate the statistical result of case of bribery of of all kinds commerce to media, end September, in all put on record investigates commerce to boodle 38 cases, proposal value amounts to 7.1 million yuan, involve the many domains such as medical purchase and sale, project to reach " health master " wait for well-known trademark.

As we have learned, this year first half of the year, city industrial and commercial bureau investigate commerce to boodle to be caught as heavy head task, the punish that began a series of processing business bribery works, end in September, various and industrial and commercial branch checks whole town in all enterprise 1888, put on record investigates case of bribery of of all kinds commerce 38 cases, proposal value amounts to 7.1 million yuan, investigate bear case 30 cases, capture punish do not have amount 911 thousand yuan, involve medical purchase and sale, project, real estate to evaluate, adornment project, food (wine kind) wait for many commerce domain.

Current, the typical gist case in investigation, processing has 3, it is sale of limited company of food of Chongqing top ferry respectively " health master " case of bribery of course of study of convenient discuss with sb face to face, experience record amount 1.21 million yuan; "Health master " case of beverage business bribery, experience record amount is 680 thousand yuan; Chemical plant of Guizhou Pan Jiang sells record of bribery of electric coaler course of study via the company more.

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