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3 deer group: Strict production process ensures product quality
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The milk with a cup of good quality, is one bag at ease how is satisfactory milk powder to produce come out? What kind of production process should pass? The reporter produces a business on a special trip 3 deer group, arrive from the base that suckle a source manufacturing workshop, had the experience of quality hierarchy of control one by one to qualitative check center again.

On August 29 morning, the reporter will to the milk cow of Heibei breed city of Lu Quan of large area Shijiazhuang, there is 3 deer group here nearly 30 modern milk cow breed a village. When the reporter will to new deer breed Xiaoou, be much at 11 o'clock in the morning bell, to breed hall milks inside the village, see the member that milk wipes cow tit to reach with clear water first only all round, before milking 3, how to just go up next automatic milking machine, white bright milk is entered through the conduit flow of whole sealing store grandma canister. Breed village chief Meng Wenzheng to say, milk working procedure looks be like simple, have extremely strict level actually. "Milk cow is entered milk before hall, the member that milk should clear with the brush first on fur sundry, wipe tit, crowded before dropping 3 grandmas. This is the group milks the regulation makes clear in operating rules, basically be to prevent the microbial, bacterium of bright grandma to exceed bid. Bright grandma is entered store the temperature before suckling coal tub needs to fall to 2 ℃ , 5 ℃ , constant temperature is saved, next, bright grandma goes by transport of special thermal car. After two hours, the milk powder that these bright grandmas were sent 3 deer group and liquid suckle a processing factory. The milk powder that these bright grandmas were sent 3 deer group and liquid suckle a processing factory..

The worker of farm at the same time busy handicraft work, give reporter introduction at the same time, new deer village only then built 2002, mutual milk cow 500 bull, day produces delicacy to suckle 4 tons. Attendant in, the reporter sees there is a little sign on the ear of every milk cow, mark has a group of numbers above, like 0656, this ox field was born the 56th times 2006, they explain to the reporter, this is equivalent to milk cow " Id " , on the electronic archives inside the village, input this number, can investigate all this arrogant cases, be like weight, height, quantity yield a milk, healthy circumstance, village chief Meng Wenzheng says, the effect with the mainest brand of this little shop sign, indicate namely the pedigree of full-court milk cow, prevent milk cow near marry, raise the constitution of milk cow effectively, improve the crop of milk and quality thereby.

The fodder that milk cow eats has order ground to pile up on the cement passageway between two playgrounds, passageway and milk cow playground above have ma shelter, there are ten big electric fans to be being blown buzz below mat-awning, the reporter grabs feed of a milk cow, wen Wen has a barmy faint scent, look inside have 67 kinds of material such as broken bits of ensiling corn straw, Yang Cao, clove, beet, meng Wenzheng says, these feed mix technical agitate to do with TMR according to demand of milk cow nutrition completely. Because the nutrient composition of feed is reasonable sufficient, milk cow ate the grandma that after falling, yields to quality assures.
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