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Pay attention to employee material benefits with factitious Benyili
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Recently, total bureau of national tax Wu announces pay taxes of 2007 year China formally 500 strong pop chart, this is total bureau of national tax Wu publishs sheet of 500 strong a list of names posted up the 7th times. Yiliji is round an a list of names posted up of pay taxes of row milkings industry head.
It is what force leads Yi Li admiral of industry of this China milk the Yuan Hang that defeat billow, reach successful harbor smoothly? It is what kind of cohesive affinity gives Yi Lijiang to fight risk ability greatly, did the president Pan that lets the Shuai Yin that accept a control just lead Yi Li to obtain arrogant person outstanding achievement?
Miller of American management Great Master says: In global competition times of future, the company grows the company culture that gives a kind of can incentive employee to win victory in competition only, ability remain invincible.
Yi benefit person thinks, the implementation key of the target is company culture gifts the cohesive affinity of Yi interest group.
For this, yi Li develops initial stage to had made a struggling target in its, namely Yi benefit product walks out of Inner Mongolia, strike throughout the country. Around this target, the company put forward " Yi Li relies on me to develop, I rely on Yilisheng to put " concept, with period the harmonious relationship that establishs enterprise and employee.

President of Yi interest group Mr Pan Gang points out, company culture of Yi Li, with be closely bound up of character of conscience of company place importunate, healthy industry, because this ability forgings likely,give true with the career is not the preeminent group that attachs most importance to with the profession. Be based on " innovation, collaboration, efficiency, sincere letter and service " this one complete company core viewpoint of value, yi Li was modelled multivariate development and the company culture of collective enterprising, "Yi interest group " also because of this forge.
To popularize company culture, manpower endowment source control of Yi Li introduced market competition mechanism. Can person go up, below the person that need, the one big characteristic that equality competes to already became resource of labor power of Yi interest firm. Advocate employee lifelong study, offer for employee groom condition and opportunity, founded the enterprise equality, competition, healthy environment that use worker worker.
Yi Li breaks district dividing line, advocate talent this locality actively to change with socialization, the outstanding talented person that draws different area, different major every year through social invite applications for a job and campus invite applications for a job forms the group of diversity, this group is below background of common culture of Yi advantage company each other are shirt-sleeve, cooperate each other, accompany Yili to grow quickly.
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