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Hubei of bright milk industry builds modern cattle farm
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Recently, bright milk industry already saved autograph of government of district of Wuhan thing lake to make an appointment with with Hubei, investment builds 220 million yuan to cover an area of grass of 5000 mus modern large zoology in cypress spring farm. This project will star building at next year the beginning of the year, plan 6000 to breed high grade milk cow, delicacy will be produced per year to suckle 32 thousand tons to reach 35 thousand tons after grass building.

This are bright milk industry is in the first beyond Shanghai to go up the pasture of large modern cow of dimensions, investment dimensions and grass of Shanghai golden hill comparative, double the milk cow inside this grass produces a grandma to measure will be common grass. The bright milk industry with the celebrated to be being suckled with Lengxian building of this project has strategic sense, large milkings enterprise builds grass to be able to satisfy its to suckle the extremely high demand of the source oneself.

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