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Da Nengguang bright part company 3 guess greatly
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Seek accuses won't do, da Nengyi chooses part company with light like that, adept to this capital is run, in experienced and astute of industry of Chinese food beverage, elaborate composition for French enterprise of 20 years, who will become him to control a castle of Chinese milk industry?
Often seek amount to can
If be in Guangzhou to hold water from 1987,amount to can yoghurt company calculates case, amount to already can pass in the management of Chinese market full 20 year. But, wait for tycoon of drink of the food that cross a state with Shi Lan of husband of Pamalate, card, humble same, what because be in,suckle source control respect is natural weak force and the assurance to Chinese market forbid, amount to can inchoate manage did not obtain very good result. After this, go up century the later period in 90 time, in by think foreign capital attacks market of Chinese food drink inside course of study in tide of the 2nd wave, can begin in order to amount to to abandon setting a factory to attack the train of thought of Chinese market with the product directly for the tycoon of the representing that cross a state, turn and begin the strength of capital of have the aid of, pass the collaboration of as indigenous as China industry, permeate stage by stage, achieve the goal that dominates a certain industry then.
Begin from last year, of prolonged " amount to can child with a ha breaths out those who control right to contend for " make amount to the investment line attempt that can be in China 20 years to be able to fall by day greatly, investigate discovery, through a series of capital is run, amount to can have finished sadly its are mixed in the dairy produce on Chinese market, drinking water fruit juice drink the strategic layout of domain of product of 3 big beverage; And amounted to recently can breed from light course of study (love, prices, information) apparently calm is removed endowment, add the brushstroke of dense on this one route chart again. Although be concerned at present,amount to the reason that can part company with light to have a variety of conjecture, but the cake that is based on market of Chinese milk estate is really inviting, amount to to what adept capital runs can for, its to an enterprise remove endowment sure it is temporary.
Opinions vary part company
Late on October 15, come out from bright milk industry message, the 3rd large stockholder of this company, add those who hold bright share to amount to ceaselessly in recent years can Asia, the share of 20.01% makes over the bright milk line of business that already ran its to breed to light group of milk of Shanghai of two old boss mixes course of study on solid accuse. The announcement that issues according to bright milk industry shows, amount to can the Asia is divided hold place 20.01% share to be made over with 4.58 yuan low besides, light and amount to can the respect was signed in September 2001, revised in August 2006 " its amount to brand and technical license agreement use of card of can acerbity milk products " collaboration also the corresponding period is stopped, this is meant amount to can all fronts calls in amount to card of can acerbity milk products, and the collaboration that both sides is as long as 15 years also draws period.
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