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It is mountain-climbing team like food group in vain strong row (8/5)
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Banner content: Congratulate beforehand holy fire to record a success like food group in vain

A few days ago, group of white elephant food mountaineers goods and materials of supply of special rear service sends the team the 7th batch reach Mount Everest base camp. Enter camping ground this however, the representing that resemble food group in vain brought logistics provision not only, more important is to bring cordial blessing!

In the morning 11 when 16 minutes, outside Mount Everest camping ground, had a sense exceedingly strong travel ceremony, aim to mountaineer to what be about to carry holy fire to ascend a Mount Everest team member people serve most genuine blessing. Play a banner like food group staff in vain, cry jointly: "Congratulate beforehand holy fire to record a success like food group in vain, your kind effort supports Olympic Games of the 29th Beijing, your kind effort supports ethical cause, deliver Bai Xiangqing, invigorate Chinese heart! Invigorate Chinese heart!!

Immediately, call sonic boom day, resound through whole campsite.

Banner content: Mountaineer for Tibet like food group team good athlete acclaims in vain

Express according to resembling the employee of food group in vain, choose to undertook 11:16 strong travel ceremony, want to reflect namely " 66 arrange greatly " meaning, expression resembles the wish with food most lucky, happy group in vain, wish the Mount Everest on holy fire mountaineers the team carries world of conquer of success of fire of Olympic Games emperor triode.

Group of white elephant food is Tibetan mountain-climbing team the partner also is country is the biggest one of ethical food companies that with development, production convenient cover gives priority to. Regard home as the crackajack delegate of civilian look forward to, group of white elephant food all the time since hold to " feed lustre the people, industry profit society " business purpose, assume social responsibility actively, arrive from supply of goods and materials mental level, mountaineer to mountaineer with Tibet the team gives priority to the Mount Everest on the holy fire of body the team is offerred support energetically and help.

According to latest news: Fire of emperor of Beijing Olympic Games ascends a Mount Everest already successfully, beijing time group of food of hand of the first marvellous torch, white elephant is convenient 9:12 Ji Ji of spokesman of emperor of 8848 big bone's will divine Olympic Games torch delivers face product ― to mountaineer to the 2nd marvellous China peak of brave of king of group team leader, ablaze combustion is in fire of Olympic Games emperor the peak of the world!
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