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Chinese liquor company is bought very hard
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The whole world is the greatest demesne tall valve of wine estate company admits:
The first visit
"Examine in the United States the newest method of whisky is, lose a sledge to be inside, if sledge sinks, explain quality is very poor, if float rises, explain tone is right, if dissolved, that is too perfect. " this ad saying when De Hua of · of rice of soup of imperial brand ambassador brought imperial brand the United States 1891, by " times " weekly magazine is judged for one of ana of the greatest sale, and he broadcasts cinema advertising practice to also be acted according to to be in new York tall tower classical.
After more than 100 years today, the sale kind that has imperial color returns in China, by the whole world the biggest demesne wine estate company 100 add so that the group rolls out " make one's rounds exhibits imperial whisky " heavy curtain is pulled open in Beijing, undertake in 4 cities the make one's rounds of a month is exhibited each. According to introducing, first-run promotion of the monarch will invest 250 million dollar. A few days ago, the 100 special reports that append so that Chinese market and sale chief inspector accepted a reporter.
Chinese liquor is done not have necessary accept ab extra buy
Reporter: Besides the monarch, 100 so that what alcoholic drink the group still has to add kind brand?
Wu Chenghua: 100 add so that 250 many brands and brand own below group division, main brand is Bacardi(100 add) , this is firewater of second of world sales volume, still have vodka of Grey Goose(grey wild goose) , MARTINI&ROSSI, give priority to in order to do firewater.
Reporter: Current, many foreign brands are considering and buy liquor company of China, the 100 plans that impose so that have this side?
Wu Chenghua: I want to have for certain, but this is gotten by 100 add so that the whole world decides. We have a branch to study each district brand technically, what to see can be united in wedlock with our company. For example the grey wild goose of the sapphirine of the monarch that we bought England early or late, Bombay and France.
Reporter: Do then you feel current to Chinese liquor brand is in international competition this how base oneself upon?
Wu Chenghua: Actually, a lot of liquor company actual strength of Chinese are very strong, also not was necessary very hard to be accepted easily ab extra buy. I feel they can infiltrate international buys the market very quickly, outward dilate.
Of the consideration is the Chinese market after 20 years
Reporter: Is at present the monarch in the sales volume inside global limits how?
Wu Chenghua: Specific data cannot disclose, nevertheless, the monarch is the Scotland whisky brand with American the largest sales volume all the time, the growth in a lot of rising markets is very rapid also.
Reporter: Whisky of Scotland of British law provision can be in England only native land production, does this kind of circumstance fall how to assure to offer money?
Wu Chenghua: Special assure hard. Imperial whisky should have history of 12 years the least, plus " 2 old wine " process, we want that is to say to had made wine at least 12 years ago, and the sale after predicting ten years is special difficulty.
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