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Holy fire ascends a Mount Everest China of shake of moral integrity of successfu
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Beijing time on May 8, 2008 morning 9:11 minute, fire of Olympic Games emperor reachs top of Mount Everest peak, group of food of female Alpinist of Tibetian of hand of the first marvellous torch, white elephant emperor of 8848 big bone is convenient Ji Ji of spokesman of face product figure's will majestic Olympic Games torch delivers China peak of brave of king of mountain-climbing group team leader. Team of mountain-climbing of the Mount Everest on holy fire from altitude 7500 meters of camping ground set out to support to Mount Everest peak courageously push forward, took internal heat of Olympic Games emperor successfully finally the top of Mount Everest peak with world top height above sea level, let fire of holy Olympic Games emperor be in the peak of Mount Everest is ablaze combustion!

Be in early when China applied 8 years of Olympic Games 2001 to the Olympic Games Organizing Committee and world people majestic acceptance: If 8 years Beijing applies Olympic Games success, china takes the holy internal heat delegate Olympic spirit the Mount Everest with world top height above sea level, fire allowing emperor is in the earth triode combustion. Nowadays, this one divine mission is finished already smoothly, the peak combustion of fire of emperor of ablaze Olympic Games in Mount Everest, show faultlessly at world people at the moment!

Carry the TV picture of direct seeding of CCTV whole world, the woman that people sees the first torch that passes holy fire is a beauty -- Ji Ji. Height above sea level was recorded in her after the peak of 8844.43 meters Mount Everest, she becomes the world to go up exclusive a Chinese woman that publishs a Mount Everest successfully 3 times. Accordingly, ji Ji is having special feeling to Mount Everest -- Mount Everest once witnessed her noble cause and divine love, the sweet memory that Mount Everest leaves her is buried deeply in the depth of her heart.

1999, in the action of collective ascend Mount Everest, when only from peak 20 meters are controlled, ji Ji's husband benevolence that halts a footstep, the hand that playing a wife continues together ascend. Then, husband and wife the two peaks that entered the world hand in hand, become the husband and wife that China ascends a Mount Everest the first pair at the same time. It is when them over 10 thousand hill, over Bai Yun when, header of Sang Zhu of Tibetan mountain-climbing team passes from base camp phone and benevolence that had a paragraph of such conversations: "You reach peak at the same time. " " be! " " were you embraced? " " embraced! " " kissed? " " close! " " close!!

Then, ling Renyan admires " associate of snow mountain a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " a much-told story spread everywhere to the Tibet, hill landscape water that spread everywhere to the motherland temporarily.

However, 2005, god gave Jijiyici the experience of be extremely sad. After that year, "Associate of snow mountain a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " live far apart from each other! Go up in ascend world in the road of peak of I of Shu Bulu Mu of Jia of mountain peak of the 14th 8000 meters of above, benevolence that misfortune dies, gave life he regards as the most divine the greatest mountain-climbing cause.
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