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Into fill were 4 principles accomplished
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After entering the autumn, weather is dry, dietary respect needs to have more attentions: Cannot eat and drink too much, cannot eat too much and exciting food, cannot raw or cold food not avoid, cannot be without abstemious chaos to fill more...

1. Food wants right amount, do not eat and drink too much

Average person arrived autumn, because climate is delightful, food is rich, often take food overmuch. Absorb quantity of heat superfluous, can change into adipose accumulation to rise, make person put on weight, common saying cries " grow autumn fat " , in autumn food, should notice right amount, and cannot indulge appetite, belly-worship.

2. Eat exciting food less

The autumn ought to eat less a few excitant strong, acrimony, hot and dry food, the chili that be like a needle, peppery etc, ought to eat a few vegetable, melon and fruit more, wait like dish of wax gourd, turnip, pumpkin, aubergine, greenery, apple, banana. Additional, avoid the gas saving of all sorts of damp and hot even, because always contain the food of laborious fragrance taste, have the use that send out, the food that because this is advocated,eats taste of fragrance of a few laborious is like celery.

3. Food does not want too raw or cold food

Turn by heat as a result of fall weather cool, human body changes to get used to this to plant, physiology metabolization also produces change. Special attention does not want food too raw or cold food, lest cause indigestion of intestines and stomach, produce all sorts of enteron disease to suffer from.

4. Into fill cannot fill in disorder

The autumn is to suit to enter the season that fill, but into fill cannot fill in disorder, should notice to be not entered without disease fill not to divide excessive to fill with false or true, should notice to enter fill right amount, avoid is fed with medical generation, medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill. Feed fill to be given priority to with moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, specific include to be like flesh of lung of black bone chicken, pig, chelonian, bird's nest, tremella, honey, sesame seed, soya-bean milk, lotus root, walnut, Job's tears benevolence, earthnut, duck's egg, spinach, pear to wait, these food and other and good food or Chinese traditional medicine conpatibility of medicines, criterion effect is much better.

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