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Nutrient food treats gout
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Nutrient food treats gout

Gout is disease of sex of a kind of metabolization, can behave for acute arthritis, chronic arthritis, still can develop gouty sex nephrosis even, bring about kidney function exhaustion. This is the purine inside body metabolization is unusual the uric acid in bringing about blood piles up, make articulatory antrum slippery film suffers exciting inflammation.

What is purine? The relation of it and food how?

Below normal circumstance, the purine that the purine that absorbs from food and metabolization of human body oneself generate is met with make water acerbity form passes a kidney to eliminate from inside make water, "Enter " with " piece " in be in dynamic balance. Once this kind of balance is destroyed, be gout with respect to meeting expression. Accordingly, gouty nutrient cure is about to involve good food, make the intake of purine is reduced as far as possible.

To acute period the patient should make the intake of food purine is close to Yu Ling even, ability cooperates to alleviate quickly with medicine symptom. Alleviate commonly period or chronic period the patient is OK the intake of purine control is in 150 milligram of 100 ~ / day, meet what prevent a symptom effectively happen normally.

The food of gouty patient chooses

(one) food purine content

food according to food purine content cent is 4 kinds:

1 kind: Contain the food with most purine (every 100g contains purine 150 - 1000mg) : Abdomen of liver, head, kidney, flocks and herds, pilchard, anchovy, roe, pancreas is essence of dirty, thick broth, flesh, thick bovril.

2 kinds: Contain the food with more purine (every 100g contains purine 75 - 150mg) : Hyacinth bean, dry legume, dry pea, carp, carp, halibut, weever, testacean aquatic product, fume ham, soup of flesh of tongue of pork, beef, ox, vituline, grouse, dove, duck, mallard, quail, goose, sheep, hare, venison, turkey, eel, eel, weak chicken broth, weak broth, weak liver.

3 kinds: Contain the food with less purine (every 100g contains purine < 75mg) : Biscuit of soup of asparagus, cauliflower, asparagus, kidney bean, lima-bean, bright pea, bean, spinach, dawdle, cornmeal, black carp, fresh fish, salmon, tuna, whitefish, langouste, eel, chicken, ham, hotpot, weak beef, earthnut, wheat bran.

4 kinds: Contain the food with very few purine (every 100g contains purine < 30mg) : Grandma kind, cheese, egg kind, water fruit, cocoa, coffee, tea, holothurian, fruit juice beverage, soya-bean milk, candied, honey, purificatory corn grinds paddy rice, corn like prosperous and strong pink, essence, greengrocery if laver head, cabbage, carrot, celery, cucumber, aubergine, wax gourd, potato, sweet potato, asparagus lettuce, tomato, onion, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin, conserve. Classification of content of above food purine expresses much draw materials at the food without cook, reason offers reference only.

(2) acute is gouty the food choice when fit period
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