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Eating salt less is filling calcium most economic method
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Salt is the indispensable dressing in people life. To a lot of Chinese, there can be soy in a dish, without gourmet powder, but cannot do not have salt absolutely. However, these looking " not salty not weak " problem, endangering the health of people stealthily, the expert appeals in succession, should press proposal of World Health Organization, everybody is daily salt capacity control is in 5 grams. The United States " good food " magazine columnist tall treats Dr. · Dr. Kelisi to also be written civil, offerred a few to be restricted for everybody saline wise move.

"Our country is country of food of a tall salt, first what reside the world with saline quantity. " Li Changping of division of nutrition of vice director of division of nutrition of hospital of Beijing of Ministry of Public Health expresses, mention salt, people thought of taste problem only in the past, did not contact together with the disease however. Our country has 160 million hypertensive patient, salt brings about one of main reasons of hypertensive much hair just about too much. World Health Organization is recommended, healthy adult everyday saline intake is unfavorable more than 5 grams, include to adopt all sorts of approaches among them (the dressing such as soy, pickles, gourmet powder) the amount that absorbs salt.

A few days ago, british scientist still considers to discover, saline intake is more, the capacity of calcium of the eduction in make water is more, calcic absorption is poorer also. This that is to say, eat salt less to be equal to filling calcium. They point out, eating salt less is filling calcium most the method of economic material benefit, also be the best to health method.

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