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Vegetable need is carrying autumn champion to eat
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Calcium and zincic content most: Tall pregnant woman, children is right amount eat a variety of Chinese cabbage

Nutrition analyses: A variety of Chinese cabbage calls green vegetables, oily Chinese cabbage again. In autumn vegetable, the calcic content of a variety of Chinese cabbage and zincic content are highest. Every 100 grams but the content of edible part is 90 milligram are mixed respectively 0.51 milligram. Among them the 2~3 that calcic content is equal to Chinese cabbage content almost times. Pregnant woman and child are bigger to calcic demand, and children is short of calcium and zinc more, accordingly, the proposal eats a variety of Chinese cabbage to give more feed fill. Edible clew: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sex of a variety of Chinese cabbage is smooth, flavour pleasant. The patient that lung heats up cough, constipation mights as well much a variety of Chinese cabbage taking a place, but taste Xu Han or it is the person that has diarrhoea symptom, unfavorable eat more. A variety of Chinese cabbage has a way more, those who need an attention is, fry, boil time to should not be too long, lest loss nutrition.

Vitamin E, magnesian, manganese, copper, phosphor 5 champion: It is good that celery leaf eats step-down effect raw

Nutrition analyses: When a lot of people are eating celery, take a bine only, discard foliaceous habit is really unscientific. Because, in the contrast of composition of a lot of nutrition, the content of celery leaf wants bine of prep above celery. And in autumn vegetable, the vitamin E of celery leaf and magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphor 4 kinds of mineral content all head the list. Edible clew: The Potassium that absorbs from inside food, calcium and magnesium are taller, blood pressure lifts more not easily. In the meantime, celery sex is cool, because body heats up caused hypertensive patient, eat celery to have profit more. Abroad ever had cardiovascular expert to consider to point out, unripe it is good to chew celery step-down action. Take fresh celery abluent, can take even the page the bine to be chewed together feed, daily 2, every time 20 grams; Usable also celery 250 grams, big jujube L0, decoct water adds white sugar attune to feed, everyday 2. Take a week continuously so, can have apparent step-down effect.

Carotene content is highest: Carrot and white turnip do not eat at the same place

Nutrition analyses: Carotene is a kind of vitamin A, it has stimulative airframe to grow normally with breed, prevent respiratory tract infection and carry vision nyctalopia of normal, cure and eye are dry the function such as disease. Edible clew: Carrot had better not be eaten raw, the carotene that can have 70 % above otherwise cannot be absorbed. In addition, the carotene that absorbs excessive for a long time can affect synthesis of element of ovarian corpus luteum, some can be caused even without menstruation, not oviposit, or the phenomenon with disorder period. Accordingly, female friend is absorbed should right amount, everyday intake does not exceed two jins.
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