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How to eat vegetable ability to get more nutrition
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People knows to should eat vegetable more, but how does ability get more nutrition from inside vegetable? More and more research make clear, eating vegetable on this problem, how much is the key eating everyday, and eating at how, because it is mattered to,composition of nutrition of etc of material of how many phytochemistry, vitamin can be absorbed by our body.

Making what the person feels accident is, eat vegetable raw and not certain and best. The person that eats vegetable raw to 198 according to researcher undertook dogging study, like discovering the vitamin A level inside these human body and ordinary person as a result, the standard of carotene β is relative taller. But they lack tomato red element quite, tomato red element is the one phyletic carotene that contains in the gules vegetable such as tomato, also be one of antioxidant of the most powerful effect. Between the 198 celebrity that insist to eat vegetable raw, the level of tomato red element in the person blood of 80% under average level.

Does the internal medicine that American Ohio establishs university tumour medicine to fasten learn a professor to hold nutrient researcher Steven concurrently? Clinton says: "A kind of misunderstanding thinks, all food had better be to eat raw. To vegetable and fruit, below a lot of circumstances, be cooked a little or machine, have profit possibly to human body more. Have profit possibly to human body more..

Before vegetable grows cooked food, the sort that contains nutrient part and amount can get the influence of a lot of elements, include to cultivate, the treatment, place that store and means. Buying food after coming home, power to make decisions belongs to you. Do not have which kind of cooking or adjusting a method is best. The water-solubility nutrition composition such as vitamin C, B and much more phenolic compound can be in normally the prediction of a person's luck in a given year in machining a process. For example, consider to make clear, cherry is in refrigerant after 6 months, can lose amount to the cyanine element of 50% . In red of cyanine element consist in or blue fruit and vegetable pigment, it is a kind of compound that is helpful for health. Consider to show according to institute of dietetics of American California university, the vitamin C that contains in fresh spinach is met after had been boiled prediction of a person's luck in a given year 64% .

Vitamin A, D, E, K and fight oxidation compound carotene to wait for class status of sex of dissolve of fat of nutrition of fat dissolve sex to won't be in water prediction of a person's luck in a given year. The cellular wall with large plant can be decomposed in cooking process, release the part that human body can draw, because this tomato is red,element content wants prep above fresh tomato.

The United States " agricultural food is chemical " the report of a research that the magazine published recently points out, to carrot, pumpkin, on the west for orchid, the move that boil eats to should compare deepfry or be eaten raw have nutrition more, among them deepfry cannot be taken most.
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