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Eat vegetable nutrition and sanitarian action raw
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The habit that presses a Chinese is the edible after will most vegetable is cooked, and in western food, mostly vegetable it is unripe feed. Set out from the angle of nutrition and health care, vegetable is fed with be born had better.

Vegetable lays the benefit that feed is the vitamin in vegetable of utmost ground reservation and microelement. The vitamin in vegetable, carotene and naphtha, can arouse resistance, those who increase immune cell gobble up a function.

Unripe feed vegetable to be able to fight cancer. A kind of interferon is contained to cause an agent in a lot of vegetable, it can stimulate human body normal cell produces interferon, produce poisonous protein of a kind of disease-resistant then, and this kind of function is giving birth to the ability below the premise that feed to come true only. Fight virus protein to be able to restrain the growth of cancer cell, can adjust effectively again airframe immunity force, cell of activation huge bite, rise to defend the cancer, action that fights cancer thereby. For example, the turnip contains interferon to cause an agent. Specific unripe feeding a method is to take 15 grams everyday, want to nibble slow pharynx, everyday 1, hold to for a long time. For the tooth mastication offers good opportunity.

Give birth to the health care that feeds vegetable to conduce to oral cavity and tooth. Sufficient mastication can stimulate salivary exudation, help food is digested, still can enhance buccal at the same time from clean action, this is very important to the oral cavity health care of old people.

Have cure or auxiliary therapy effect to a variety of diseases. A large number of practice prove " unripe dietotherapy law " depressed to insomnia, spirit, memory drops, the disease such as haemorrhage of hypertensive, eye ground is beneficial. Daily early morning is hollow have fresh tomato 1 - 2, have auxiliary curative effect to patient of heart head disease; Pharynx and larynx is swollen person, can chew the olive that feed blueness or green turnip to wait.

Expert proposal can be born with following method eat vegetable, hold to everyday drinkable and self-restrained fresh and vegetable juice. fresh and vegetable cold and dressed with sause, but take into consideration the circumstances adds vinegar, put salt less. Carrot, cabbage, beet, beautiful dish, can break through wringing, ferment after generation active is enzymatic again edible. The advantage of vegetable cooked food depends on those who be helpful for carotene absorbing.

Bottle green and maize vegetable contain a lot ofcarrot, with cooked food had better. To a lot of vegetable that contain a lot ofcarotene, oil is fried or boil in broth feed, meet what raise carotene significantly draw utilization rate. Cooked food can reduce vegetable volume greatly, make the person absorbs the vegetable that 300 grams control very easily in feed. If be born,feed, because vegetable volume is too large,meet, taste is poor, a day of absorbed vegetable measures very inaccessible level, restricted the supply of nutriment thereby. Ought to see, although C of vitamin of vegetable cooked food is easy be destroyed, but vegetable still has stabler other nutriment (wait like calcic, iron) with a large number of prandial fiber, these won't because of heating loss. Carotene, vitamin B2 in general cook loss late is inferior also, after these important nutriment cook, still can produce effect to human body health.
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