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Autumn: Gold season does not fill in disorder
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Several days ago, ms. Wang begins to feel her throat is dry and scratchy, listen to colleague introduction Xue Li to stew tendril-leaved fritillary bulb to have the effect of wet one's whistle, come home then successive 3 days of moves that stew are drunk, the result appeared cough, phlegmy wait for illness more; The Miss Li complexion that often works overtime recently appeared cadaverous, redemptive red jujube stews an egg, the result appears shed nosebleed symptom... enter autumn, many citizens thought to had arrived to enter the gold season that fill, begin " fill especially greatly " , but the expert reminds, enter filling method impertinently to receive the result that is less than expect not only, still can damage health sometimes, false or true is not divided, the chaos that do not have disease fills, with medicine era is fed, into filling excessive, it is to enter the contraindication that fill.

Qiu Dong is entered fill should because of the person different

Close paragraph of time, weather of morning and evening appears cool meaning, many citizens begin to planning " fill especially greatly " . The reporter understands from a few drug-store inside Guangzhou city, sales volume of a few weeks of a few commonly used stew medicinal material rise somewhat recently, if join fine and soft, medlar, the root of straight ladybell, lotus seed,wait sell prosperously. The staff member of a drug-store says, whenever Qiu Dong, the sales volume of this kind of medicinal material can rise apparently, because a lot of citizens buy these medicinal materials,come stew, "Qiu Dong is entered fill " the habit that has made preserve one's health, if the sales volume of the medicinal material such as medlar rose recently,make an appointment with 3 into.

Guangzhou college of medicine the first accessary hospital combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine Qing Dynasty of analogy of doctor of division vice director and express, the Beginning of Autumn passes, climate although morning and evening is cool, but still have indulge in wilful persecution of a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn, old friend is easy listless, lack of power, slow slow-witted etc, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has " Chun Xia raises this world, qiu Dong raises shade " say, into fill be helpful for driving away the opportunity of survival of autumn dry, take good care of sb, physique that keeps healthy and exuberant energy, achieve thereby reduce disease and the goal that delay consenescence.

Introduce according to him, contrast and north, southern region basically is to do heat to give priority to, slant have damp and hot, so Qing Dynasty of many person selected choose heat up the method of lung of the embellish that raise shade. But this kind of method does not fit all person, because the constitution of everybody is different, than the citizen that is like a few lienal empty, often have a weak, fur thick wait for a symptom, the food crude drug that takes lung of embellish of shade of take a tonic to build up health has disadvantage instead. Slant like a few constitutions again the citizen of steam, often have an implication big, defecate is hot and dry wait for a symptom, into fill to should be given priority to with clear hot moisten the respiratory tract.
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