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Can cold-blooded person have autumn winter season some of what?
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Cold winter, besides strengthen much physical training, cladder outside taking, be like daily can some more drive cold food, can raise airframe fight cold ability. The common drive cold food in the life has:

The flesh kind: Better with the drive cold effect of dog meat, hotpot, beef, venison. They contain protein, carbohydrate to reach adipose tall, below beneficial kidney Zhuang Yang, Wen Zhongnuan, the effect of filling gas invigorate the circulation of blood. Eat these flesh to be able to make the body metabolization of deficiency of yang is accelerated, endocrine function increases, achieve drive cold effect thereby.

Rhizome kind: Medical researcher discovers, the person is afraid of cold lack of as inorganic as airframe salt is concerned. Lotus root, carrot, lily, sweet potato, green vegetables, Chinese cabbage contain rich inorganic salt, this kind of food mights as well as impure as other provision edible.

Hot food: Chili contains chili element, ginger contains balmy sex naphtha, peppery contain peppery alkaline. It is OK to eat these hot foods drive wind comes loose cold, stimulative blood circulates, raise temperature.

Contain iodic food: The food containing iodine such as dish of kelp, laver, sea salt, hair, jellyfish, clam, Chinese cabbage, spinach, corn can promote hormone of human body thyroid gland to secrete.

Thyroid hormone has heat build-up effect, it can quicken body inside (outside removing head, gland, uterus) the combustion process of cell of great majority organization, increase produce heat, make basal metabolis leads heighten, skin blood is strengthened circularly, fight Leng Yuhan.

Contain the food with fast iron: Ni Yazhou of standard of American guest evening establishs the researcher of the university to discover, iron is short of to also be afraid of in human body blood cold.

Anaemic woman temperature is normaller the woman of hematin is small 0.7 ℃ , produce quantity of heat little 13% , after increasing iron to be absorbed character, its cold-resistant ability increases apparently. Accordingly, cold-blooded woman can increase the food intake with the high volume that contain iron conciously, wait like animal liver, lean lean, spinach, yoke.

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