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Cooking skill: 3 kinds the most scientific have vegetable method
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"The person can not have fish in January, but cannot one day does not have greens " . In the fashionable life nowadays, vegetable is more and more indispensable already to the person. We reside the home to get along cannot leave vegetable, and making food is simple only anything but burn heat can, this is among them exquisite can be worn greatly! It already because of the person different, also because of dish different, but should follow a principle: Do not make vegetable medium beneficial nutrition is lost or destroy.

Eat raw about vegetable:

In western country, unripe eat vegetable very general. They have a kind of view, destroy the instinctive quality that vegetable fries ripe meeting to bestow nature to the mankind. Say from scientific point of view, some vegetable are unripe it is OK to feed help human body achieves indispensible energy, also can help decontamination of human body detoxify, can absorb rich nutriment at the same time.

In vegetable familial in, compatriots eats lettuce raw renown lettuce is first selection. Lettuce somewhat acrid, it can be stomachic, have demulcent effect, still have fall the effect of blood sugar. The scientist discovers recently, eat lettuce to still have the effect that disease-resistant poison is affected and fights cancer. Because interferon is contained to lure unripe agent in lettuce,this is, it but action the interferon inducement at normal cell, the disease-resistant poison that produces interferon is qualitative. Nevertheless we should notice, afore-mentioned function is in lettuce can destroy below 100 ℃ high temperature, some of person is put in rinse to be fed again when rinse boiler cannot be taken.

Still a few vegetable are like carrot is unfavorable eat raw. Carrot contains rich carotene, there is 4.2mg in 100g, and carotene is inside human body but A of translate into vitamin, accordingly carotene is called again vitamin A former. Because carotene is solubility vitamin, it but dissolve in grease, however cannot dissolve at water. It is when hype only in grease the ability after dissolving is absorbed by human body, we are not little the person has the habit that eats carrot raw, this is a kind of waste, had better be vegetable oil slow fire it is advisable to after frying, eat.

About how frying vegetable:

In the cooking operation of our country tradition, boiler of the most exquisite heat is fried quickly, it is with pannikin dish again the sweetest. Can make vegetable maintains lubricious delicacy to pledge already so tender goluptious, also be what pledge to reduce nurture is missing. A few not quite skilled housewife people often play fried dish time a few longlier, the flavour that thinks to make food so is close friends some, this is a kind of error.

Dietetics home ever did special test for us, the circumstance of the time that with determining vegetable is fried and vitamin C prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Final verdict is: The time that vegetable fries is longer, vitamin C prediction of a person's luck in a given year must be jumped over much.
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