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What food can clear effectively hematic fat? The expert is raised action
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Folk circulates recently a kind of such views -- feed much food less to be able to reduce tall blood fat, to this, liu of internal medicine of heart and vessels of armed police total hospital Director Hui Liang says, everybody knows to eat much food less is a kind of tweak that reduce weight.

So, to patient of tall blood fat, if can the type according to hematic fat heighten, affirmatory and reasonable prandial, should eat eat, what ought not to eat is strict prohibit, accomplish on this foundation next eat much food less, and ensure every eat is measured nevertheless, so fat of tall to reducing blood still has profit very much. But, if pure support eats much food less, that is too one-sided.

In fact, the tall blood fat that we say normally basically includes two fields, namely cholesterol and triglyceride. Be aimed at the type of disease of tall blood fat, namely hematic cholesterol and triglyceride are some heighten or two heighten, become the key that chooses proper diet.

Only cholesterol is high, triglyceride is normal person, reasonable and prandial key is to restrict cholesterol to absorb. Answer to avoid eats or eat the food that contains cholesterol less, wait like pluck, yoke, plain boiled pork, mussel, river snail, abalone, cuttlefish. Not fast to content of a few cholesterol food, wait like thin pork, beef, chicken, fish, but right amount eat a few, with compensatory nutrition.

Only triglyceride is tall and cholesterol is not high person, dietary note differs somewhat. It is to want limitation to take food above all, raise sport, make weight especially abdominal circumference falls normal limits; Next, to carbohydrate absorb should control strictly, eat less as far as possible or do not eat, because carbohydrate is OK,inside body changeover is triglyceride; The 3rd, want abstinence, because Gao Ke of chroma of the alcohol in long-term blood makes triglyceride content,rise. But, have a bit extend a time limit to this kind of patient, wait to yoke, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab namely contain cholesterol more animal sex is adipose can relax appropriately a bit, now and then it is OK also to take a place.

Tall to hematic cholesterol and triglyceride person, expert proposal wants to dietary control very strict, want to restrict high cholesterol food already, want to reduce weight again, even abstinence.

Recommend a few kinds of reasonable food to give tall blood fat the patient

Low cholesterol food:

Soja, cucumber, garlic, ginger, tea, tangerine, yoghurt, Xianggu mushroom, black agaric, carrot, hollow dish, aubergine, hawkthorn, corn, algal wait.

Low adipose food:

1. The fatty acid content of fish and legume is little, can serve as protein origin, replace the pulp kind.

2. Cook uses oil: Attar of oil of soja, rice, corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, peanut oil, mustard, bitter tea-seed oil.

Tall fibrous food:
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