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White-collars! Continue to have a meal so stomach trouble no longer far
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What the lunch of a lot of white-collars eats is very insalubrious, having a variety of bad habit, if will have caustic body for a long time before, according to be being investigated, main show is in the problem of white-collar lunch 4 respects, we can be told one by one in the article below!

1, seek rate

White-collar nooning time is very short, least have half hour only. With respect to this time, a lot of people still are used without sufficient favourable geographical position, would rather shorten have a meal time card games, chat.

2, reduce weight to be fed less

Do not know from when to rise, no matter man woman begins to notice to reduce weight, but offer without special nutrient division again adopt the method that be on a diet, if things go on like this makes the stomach cannot get motion for a long time, cause a function to degrade, this is endangered in the male particularly serious, because an undeniable fact is, the male should use up more than the female everyday.

3, nutrition is tie-in and undeserved

The question with white-collar the biggest food still comes from nutrient respect. Current snack provision is with decoct blast food much, breed is little, nutrition is not comprehensive. Box meal although breed is more, but cook a method unscientific, and a lot of booth advocate for managing cost, the meat or fish that won't offer newest delicacy, season is Lenten.

4, food not the rule

Lunch problem of the white-collar still is behaved in food not on the rule. White-collar duty factor is busier, lunch time is not fixed, when doing not have a thing eat a bit earlier, occupied when procrastinate afternoon, do not eat even. This is the main reason that causes gastric disease.

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