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What how eat is artful sleep well?
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Sleep in the evening bad it is a thing that allows poll to ache really, affect not only the following day psychosis, right healthy also have a harm. So, how does ability shut-eye sleep to day break? The United States " network M.d. " print article will point out on October 10, often insomnious person should eat opportunely, ability sleeps well.

City of American new York establishs university neurology to teach Kulebu Antonio to point out, insomnia has very big concern with the food before sleeping. "The hunger before if face,sleeping, had better eat a few food that contain a lot ofcarbohydrate, wait like biscuit, sop, these food can let you sleep weller in the evening! " Anthony abstruse say.

To this viewpoint, shi Ming of vice director of center of cooperation of medical treatment of disease of insomnia of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science also very self-identity. He points out like sop, steamed bread piece wait for the food that contains carbohydrate, the substance that Morpheus promotes in can increasing human body blood effectively -- lubricious ammonia is acerbity. And high protein is qualitative, tall adipose food can make human body arises hard digestive acid material, stimulate intestines and stomach to affect Morpheus thereby.

To improve Morpheus, still need special attention, before sleeping 4 hours do not have too much thing; Edible does not want to contain the food of coffeine after midday; After midnight hunger wakes a few OK taking food, but do not form a habit.

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