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Teach you the fashionable food of healthy life
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The fashionable food of healthy life, compendious for namely: Eat green, eat black, eat mushroom, eat a beans.

Eat green green it is to point to green food. Green food is the principle that follows agriculture to be able to develop continuously, according to specific producer type production and treatment, the food of the free from contamination that maintains via green food administration, safe, high grade, rich nutrition. Current, already more and more green food place the table of people, people is increasing also realise edible green food is wholesome, food of increasing choice green. Undoubted, mensal admiral of future is green food sings leading role.

Eat black it is to point to black food. Dietetics home is early point out, the discretion of value of the nutrition in natural food is concerned with the sort of food not only, still concern with natural colour and lustre, among them value of the nutrition in black food is best. Belong to black food chicken of black rice, black sesame seed, black soybean, rye, black agaric, black, soft-shelled turtle waits, they not only mouthfeel good nutrition is rich, and the nourishing dietotherapy function with have better, can enhance immune power, have fight cancer to prevent cancerous effect.

Bacterium eating mushroom is to point to to large seed body or bacterium nucleus can be formed in fungus and can the sort of edible, dawdle, Xianggu mushroom, agaric, aweto, glossy ganoderma, tuckahoe waits, they contain a large number of intended to human body nutrition material, have fall hematic fat, fall blood pressure, adjust the action of human body metabolism, hemal to hypertensive, new head disease, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetic etc have very good precaution and auxiliary therapy effect, and but appearance of be good at skin, beneficial, raise immune force, promotional intelligence, improvement eyesight, increase capacity of human body disease-resistant.

Beans eating a beans is to point to legume food. Soja contains 40% protein, contain 8 human body is indispensible kinds of amino acid, contain 18% fatty acid, give priority to with not saturated fatty acid, because this has very high nutrition value, and have defer consenescence, fall the action such as cancer of hematic fat, precaution. Legume food is like skin of soya-bean milk, beans, bean curd to wait to suit to growing not only the teenage edible of development, still suit arteriosclerosis, tall lipemia, coronary heart disease, diabetic old people edible particularly.

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