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Of seed selection of courtyard of Chinese farming division muti_function the way
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What by Chinese agriculture academy of sciences actor choosing breeds is muti_function special type paddy, the plant experimentally of county of the East China Sea of base of rice of countrywide high grade paddy in special make choice of, enter land for growing field crops to cultivate an experiment the 2nd year this year, the way corp is growing is at present good.

2007, take the lead by association of rice of zoology of middle peasant the East China Sea, group of science and technology of Ying Xia of courtyard of Chinese farming division, Harbin and collaboration of county of the East China Sea build plant experimentally base, in the branch such as commissariat bureau, agriculture bureau support falls, score a success. Altogether grew special type rice last year 4990 mus, always produce achieve 2.5 million jins, average mu produce 522 jins of above, highest mu produce achieve 960 jins, the farmer is average mu of income 1280 yuan, groovier than cultivating paddy mu all add receive 200 yuan or so.

On the foundation that cultivated administrative experience last year in summary, this project is in enlarge of county of the East China Sea plants nearly 10 thousand mus this year, choose east, medium, north, south 4 base, bigger range experiments, cultivate for large area, industrialization gather technical data, be opposite at the same time sow period, use kind of amount, grow insert, sow means to wait undertake reform, wait in order to win promotion of better disease-resistant bug performance and apparent spic bead number, mass of 1000 kernel, signed contract of order for goods with base farmer. The way corp is growing of paddy of these 10 thousand mus of special type is at present normal, general good last year, predict average mu produce can amount to 800 jins of above, than last year increase production is close 4 into.

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