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Czech scientist discovers vitamin E analogue has the effect that fight cancer
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Czech scientist passes animal experiment discovery, vitamin E analogue passes body of pair of bead of cancer cell line to act well, the circumstance make known to lower levels that can not harming healthy cell arrives to restrain the effect of cancer cell effectively.

Occupy Czech media 12 days to report, the expert carat of institute of technology of biology of Czech academy of sciences holds Heweiluowa in the palm to say, in view of the characteristic that cancer cell mutates ceaselessly and the resistance to the action of a drug that increase gradually, experts are seeking a kind of new material to resist all the time cancer cell. Pass a test, experts discover vitamin E analogue passes body of pair of bead of cancer cell line to act well, can restrain the growth of the cancer cell in large intestine, lung, mammary gland and cervix effectively, and won't harm healthy human body cell.

Line bead body is the organ that energy makes in the cell. If line bead body is injured, the cell can die for lack of energy. And the line bead system that vitamin E analogue adopts influence cancer cell just about, achieve thereby restrain the purpose that kills cancer cell even effectively.

According to the report, the experts of Czech academy of sciences are studying to this achievement has farther test, with period conduce to the development that fights cancerous new drug in the future.

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