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13 days morning, broadcasting station of city of benefit of be a guest of Yuan Yiyou of vice director of center of agrotechnical promotion of benefit state city " travel wind hot line " program, introduced to prevent and cure about plant diseases and insect pests of farm soil improvement, crop to farmer of benefit state city, the knowledge such as agrotechnical application.

The rotate cultivates to be able to be prevented with fertilization of the recipe that measure land earthy degrade

In the program, ou Ruhu town plants Hui Cheng sweet the incoming telegram such as Mr Wen that Liang Hua of county of Mr Chen of corn, Hui Dong presses down kind of dish is mirrorred say, planting a few years together together same kind after crop, discover crop has plant diseases and insect pests very easily, knowing is what reason.

Yuan Yiyou answer says, if be in,plant for many times continuously on land together together same kind of crop, the nutrient structure that can create soil is destroyed, earthy degrade. Performance forms nugget not loosely, easily for soil, and it is slow, easy that crop grows go to the bad. "This is very big to edaphic harm, to avoid this kind of state, we are extending a crop rotation energetically system and technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land. We are extending a crop rotation energetically system and technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land..

Yuan Yiyou explanation says, alleged rotate alternates by turns namely the sort of crop, planted for instance sweet after corn, change kind of vegetable or paddy, plant the 2nd year again next sweet corn. Absorb to fertilizer because of different crop different, the rotate can prevent edaphic nutrition structure be destroyed. Fertilization of the recipe that measure land is more careful, it is through choosing ground test piece, undertake earthy analysis through the instrument, next again the basis is earthy be opposite with crop demand characteristic of nutrition, breed of reasonable and tie-in fertilizer and dosage. Can prevent fertilizer waste already so, still can avoid earthy be destroyed the pollution with excessive fertilizer. At present system and technology of fertilization of the recipe that measure land are in the rotate many our city countryside had been popularized, and obtained right result.

Ill incidence of a disease of banana yellow leaf exceeds 10% to answer rotate paddy or sugar cane two years of above

Mr Huang says in the incoming telegram, he has garden of a banana, discover partial banana lamina sends yellow, prolapse recently, completely withered even dead, used a lot of method not to see the effect namely, do not know how to return a responsibility.

Yuan Yiyou says, according to the symptom that Mr Huang describes, the likelihood was to produce banana Panama ill, common says " banana Huang Xie is ill " or " hook bacterium blight " , the toxin that produces by the bacteria is toxic be caused by. Banana Panama is ill in Huanade the area basically harms powdery broadleaf plant, dragon tooth broadleaf plant, the symptom basically behaves bine and foliaceous part place to become yellow, Brown, the area expands slowly, till entire finally individual plant is withered dead. He introduces, this kind of disease belongs to edaphic sex disease, still do not have ideal specific at present, but can collect below in order to a few methods to prevent and cure: (1) implement quarantine system strictly, prevent abroad or other area in spite of illness to plant Miao Jin enters this locality, had better choose asepsis tube seedling to cultivate. (2) breed of seed selection disease-resistant, effective control disease spreads. (3) strengthen help advance somebody's career management, enhance plant disease-resistant power. Reduce subterranean water level, add apply potash fertilizer, organic fertilizer with improved soil, reduce bacteria breed and transmission. (4) ill earth of cleared diseased or infected plant, disinfection, once discover, kill diseased or infected plant with herbicide instantly, dig next divide and burn down of on the spot, establish acupuncture point is used 32.7% power 100 mus of 300 times fluid 20 kilogram of 10 ~ drench earth, lime has acupuncture point external use edaphic disinfection. (5) development builds rotate of broadleaf plant garden newly, incidence of a disease exceeds the broadleaf plant garden of 10% to answer rotate paddy or sugar cane two years of above.
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