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Breed blank of northwest of get more of success of snow lotus bacterium
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Fungus new breed " snow lotus bacterium " the success was bred in Qinghe a few days ago, area of get more northwest is blank.

This year, green river county introduces snow lotus bacterium from the other place, cultivate new breed to initiate precedent for place. Snow lotus bacterium is had not only view and admire value, and 16 kinds of when contain human body place to need amino acid, contain a lot ofa variety of microelement such as zinc, iron, calcium, have clear liver bright eye, prevent cancer to fight cancer, nourishing the effect of powerful body. The course is bred meticulously, the way corp is growing of snow lotus bacterium is at present satisfactory, and had begun pluck appear on the market.

Green river county Zheng Feng of president of limited company of science and technology of biology of stay of proceedings of 7 celestial being: "It is this special breed of short, frequency, fast an edible bacterium, it arrives all the time from have an inoculation collect close to have many short days 20 only, it is faster than breed of traditional bacterium of a few edible 3 two cycle, vendibility also is exceedingly pretty good. Vendibility also is exceedingly pretty good..

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