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Henan crane wall: "Food provides intelligent system character " through appraisa
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On August 15, the reporter learns, the food safety that organization of bureau of science and technology of crane wall city carries out superintends mechanism and research of mode special subject, save the unit such as economy of agriculture of agricultural academy of sciences and information research center to combine research and development with Henan " food (produce) quality safety superintends intelligent management system " passed Henan to save appraisal of achievement of science and technology recently. Appraisal expert thinks, this system is examining detect, information is released, credit is evaluated, integrated and compositive respect achieved the function such as early-warning domestic congener system is banner level.

"915 " during, crane wall city assumed national science and technology to support a plan -- " grain is oily of safe production set an example integratedly " of the task " safe superintendency mechanism and mode study food of crane wall city " special subject. Below the researcher's effort, this city exploration gave food safety to superintend mechanism and mode, pass application of achievement of aggrandizement food safety, research and development is successful " food (produce) quality safety superintends intelligent management system " .

Appraisal expert thinks, this system is aimed at the system feature that safety of our country food superintends, adopt information processing, computer and network technique, examine detect, real time is supervised collect with control, information with release, credit is evaluated, the be in harmony such as date from, early-warning at an organic whole, realized information to share. The system covered the relevant link that safety of food of current our country superintends and system, safe to increasing local provision superintendency level and efficiency have important sense.

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