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Yunnan Yo becomes the variety that owns own intellectual property
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The reporter saves forestry academy of sciences from Yunnan wide south research station learns, the tough effort that via this station brainpower is as long as 17 years, the early pear variety that gives Yunnan to save first to own own intellectual property into result seed selection now -- " Yun Ling is early sweet " , this breed already passed Yunnan to save the new breed of forest breed committee to maintain.

According to bureau of science and technology of article hill city old show introduces: The early pear that gives appropriate Wen Shan to help advance somebody's career for seed selection is admirable breed, academy of sciences of Yunnan province forestry is wide south research stands in this city wide south began from 1995 below the support of bureau of prefectural science and technology " early pear is admirable breed seed selection " research. In studying a process, with pear of Japanese abundant water and wide Na Zhulin small Qiao Li is kiss this cross seed selection to give early pear new breed -- " Yun Ling is early sweet " . This breed is had extremely early, in place the first ten days of a month will appear on the market in June, fresh fruit goods shelves period 20 days, fruit flesh is qualitative compact, stone cell is few, juice is rich, gust Gan Tian, flesh is qualitative delicate and crisp change broken bits, can feed rate be as high as 93.47% , fruit place is little and close, gust is sweet sweet, high grade, high yield, fight go against a gender to wait for a characteristic by force, character pole actors or actress. Via the Ministry of Agriculture high grade produce examines the center detects, fructification protein content is amounted to 0.26% , content of C of vitamin of every 100 grams is 4.67 Mg, content of solubility solid form is 11.26% , but titration acidity is 0.15% , the quantity that contain sugar is 6.89% , moisture is 89.4% . Each directive all achieves fructification national level. The new breed that passed Yunnan to save forest breed committee in November 2007 is maintained name, this project still is judged to be city of hill of 2007 year article science and technology of award of science and technology progresses kind of first prize.

At present this breed already was in wide south reach circumjacent county to popularize an area in all 990 mus, be in among them wide south, rich Ning Jianli sets an example 3 times dot. In An Nazhu the street is cultivated the 3rd, 4 years every mus of average yield amounts to 252 kilograms to mix 987 kilograms.

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