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Hopeful of pill form flavoring comes out in Korea
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The product such as sauce of the salt that production of electric Korea hopeful will carry convenient pill about on August 14, pepper, big sauce, mixture flavoring.

According to " Korea daily " report, korea food medicine tastes safe hall 13 days to express, will be revised and promulgate relevant law, in order to permit the production, common food that sells pill form. Up to now, because fear the common food that produces pill figure can let a person,consider as cure medicines and chemical reagents and healthy food by accident, prohibit producing the common food of pill form all the time so.

Food medicine tastes safe hall to endanger Piao Xianji of standard division section chief to express, be in abroad, one is plant " pill salt " in the market current, this kind of product is carried convenient, people accepts military training in the summer or can perspire in order to prevent when motion bring about dehydration. Additional, still one is plant " pill dextrose " , this kind of product can prevent shock of diabetic happening hypoglycemia. Korea also has this kind of demand, revised relevant law so.

Office of security of medicines and chemical reagents of food medical service is forecasted say, the sauce such as soy, big sauce, pepper sauce kind with the respect soup makings, flavoring also can make officinal bolus appearance, this kind of product facilitates carry and keep, and determine content quantity is very convenient also.

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