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On August 12 morning, system of water of landscape of park of Changzhou Jing Chuan administers demonstrative experiment to succeed: Floating originally the water system of green alga passes microbial processing, inside 72 hours clear see an end, visibility amounts to 90 centimeters, water system reachs level of 3 kinds of water. According to introducing, this kind of technology still belongs to initiate in home, already began to declare international patent.

This biology processing system according to " natural kidney " the principle is made, "Central processor " it is a filter that installed biology filter core. Sewage classics this " kidney " filter removes contaminant, carry a pond again. Resemble what float in water like aquatic " biology radical " have two processing process, this kind what make with synthetic fibre is special " aquatic " there are countless alveoluses on face of blade, there is the biology bacterium that fosters according to different water system inside, alga of adsorption of in order to.

Changzhou " Jin Zi science and technology " chief Xie Xiaodong introduces, this technology is research and development of collaboration of technical institute of their company and institute of biology of water of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian, throw nearly 6 million yuan. Experiment through relapsing, education goes the microbial bacterium that can eat off La Zao and contamination group, these " biology bacterium is round " fight in coordination, undertake to sewage layer upon layer filter, adsorptive, according to filter core size, quantity of horary sewage disposal can differ to 100 tons from 1 ton. These bacterium group fertilizer still can be made after insolation, very environmental protection. To river, laky wait for large area blue green alga to administer, still will grind hair biomembrane, divide and rule, checkmate of one by one.

Expert of German environmental protection vacates case to strap say, the international trend of at present sewage disposal is, change processing to administer change to biology from traditional machine, use foul water of plant, microbial processing, although differ with groovy craft, but likewise effective, still can reduce investment, managing the sources of energy. (Cai Wei)

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