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Beautiful researcher discovery is planted newly avian flu virus
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Current, world each country is invaded in what be virus of H5N1 avian flu prepare, but American researcher points out, additionally virus of avian flu of a kind of H9N2 brings same menace possibly also.

As we have learned, virus of H9N2 avian flu already affected at least 4 children in Hong Kong, they also are mixed in Europe birds bird of the Asia, pig is mixed only appear on other animal body.

After the scientific research group of children research hospital checks Shengzude, American Maryland university discovers, h9N2 is capable to spread under the circumstance in few mutation, virus of this kind of avian flu will constitute serious menace to the mankind.

The Peileici that heads this group is in the experiment, did to H9N2 virus altered, check its menace on ferret body, the noxiousness that discovers it as a result is fierce, infectivity is very strong also. Nevertheless, not bad is, it still cannot travel in air.

When facing flu virus, the menace that human place suffers is the same as ferret same; In this respect, both biology is idiosyncratic close.

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