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"Fight cancer " milk cow contains the specific that fight cancer in clone succes
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Report from our correspondent nowadays " turn the milk of gene milk cow can make the specific that fight cancer " myth had become reality. Recently, technology of being of heart of dimension of Beijing division profit is finite liability company turns base of gene animal experiment (center of embryo of Yuan Jinxiu earth) successful clone goes out turn of gene of person CD20 antibody turn gene milk cow -- " Bei Bei " . This is our country first acquisition turn of antibody gene turn gene milk cow, also be the world is obtained first turn of CD20 gene turn gene milk cow.

As we have learned, "Bei Bei " 38kg of the weight when be born, look to did not differ apparently with other calf calf from appearance. Through the expert the rigor of successive a week is monitored, "Bei Bei " each physiology index is normal, healthy case is good. And " Bei Bei " one batch " clone " turn antibody gene milk cow still has more than 10, they also will be born in succession in the near future.

"Bei Bei " ten with it " little sisters " special, the milk that is the generation after be brought up because of them contains antibody of person CD20 Chan Kelong, this antibody is the medicaments of specially good effect that treats the malignant tumor such as B lymphocyte tumour at present. At present American expert can develop the person CD20 antibody that means a future life produces through mammalian cell, annual global sale amounts to above of 3 billion dollar. But cost of production of medicaments of antibody of CD20 of this kind of person is high, the price is high, a period of treatment (inject 4 times) want 16 thousand dollar, to most patient it is huge burden.

And " Bei Bei " contain in the milk after they are grown fight cancer specific, still go to manufacturing cost bring down original 1/10, open up antibody of an odd clone produces new approach, bring good news for the cancer patient such as tumour of global B lymphocyte thereby.

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