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Corn of wheat of the eastpart part of yellow the Huaihe River two ripe high yiel
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By Shandong the province assumes " 915 " task of project of science and technology of bumper crop of grain of the plan of national science and technology that prop up " corn of wheat of Huang Huai the eastpart part two ripe high yield are concentrated the technology is compositive research and set an example " go well, carry out two years to come, overfulfiled each task index.

It is a technology compositive obtain a breakthrough with innovation. In the light of Lu Zhong edge of half arid area, Lu Xi fizzles out the main problem in production of corn of wheat of area of Campagna, Lu Dongqiu hill, research is ripe turned high production of 9 wheaten corn high grade and efficient technology, research is compositive Lu Zhong half arid area is wheaten - corn bumper crop is efficient synergism of abridged edition of corn of wheat of yellow Campagna of edge of safe production technology, Lu Xi is balanced technology of high yield of water of section of corn of wheat of area of increase production technology, Lu Dongqiu hill 3 technologies, began control of quality of wheaten corn group and freeboard to produce help advance somebody's career technology and wheaten corn are strong individual plant is delayed decline freeboard produces unifinication to help advance somebody's career innovation research of the technology, preliminary excogitate the high yield of wheaten corn unifinication that gets used to different area mode of high grade and efficient technology, tackle key problem to exceed high production and set an example offerred a technology to prop up.

2 be " 3 areas " obtained remarkable result. In Shandong Lai city on the west by town, Zhu Chengshi bridge child Xiaomeng presses down city of town of town, the courtyard side fat city, Yan and all alone of Teng Zhou class presses down 5 villages and towns to build division of wheaten core test 10000 mus, division of corn core test 5000, average mu produce mix 792.76 kilograms for 599.02 kilograms respectively; Mix in city of mouth of Shandong Lai city, Zhu Cheng, dragon, Yan, Teng Zhou, fat city, Hui Min high mountain of another name for Taishan Mountain 8 counties (city) build demonstrative division of 1.13 million mus of wheat, average mu produce 516.25 kilograms, relatively increase production of before 3 years of average yield 11.37% ; Build demonstrative division of 626 thousand mus of corn, average mu produce 657 kilograms, relatively increase production of before 3 years of average yield 11.33% . Radiation drives mill of Yantai, Wei, east village of peace of battalion, aid, jujube, He lustre, Tai'an, bank city, Linyi 9 ground (city) wheaten ten million four hundred and eighteen thousand mus, average mu produce 448 kilograms, relatively increase production of before 3 years of average yield 8.96% ; Radiation drives corn 4.833 million mus, average mu produce 606.6 kilograms, relatively increase production of before 3 years of average yield 11.5% . Add commissariat newly six hundred and seventy-two thousand three hundred tons, fertilizer and moisture utilization rate raise 10% ~ respectively 15% , increase socioeconomy benefit 1.1 billion yuan, raised Shandong to save grain productivity significantly.
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