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Shandong tall blueness reforms through clone technology beef cattle
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According to Shandong bureau of pasturage of tall green county introduces, at present this county passes clone and embryonic transplanting technology to breed pure bull kept for covering of high-grade and high grade beef cattle successfully already 51, breed is high-grade generation of F1 of beef cattle new strain is improved ox 1160, ox of improved this locality more than 6000.

For from go up at all improve quality of local milk cow, beef cattle, tall green county and achievement of scientific research of courtyard of Lai in relief agronomy transform base -- , limited company of animal husbandry of small Hei Niu combines Gao Qing, undertake new breed of high-grade and high grade beef cattle, milk cow fosters the innovation research that gives birth to content technology with animal embryo and development, promoted local beef cattle, milk cow quality. In November 2003, tall green county and collaboration of courtyard of Lai in relief agronomy ever bred an our country successfully first mixing the body cell clone that the 2nd health survives is arrogant " Kang Kang " and " in pairs " ; Succeeded again in April 2006 clone gives the world first fighting ox of gene of mad ox disease.

For as soon as possible the economic benefits of the farmer of translate into of scientific research achievement clone ox, tall green county began beef cattle new strain actively to breed, beef cattle core group breed, beef cattle entrusts fatten, produce learn to grind use and a series of promotion plans such as pasturage industrialization development, formed stage by stage " farmer of + of company + village " breed mode.

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