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The development that suckle course of study should be walked out of " low cost "
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The tremendous society price that place of incident of 3 deer milk powder pays, I wish can make,still wallow in " low cost " the entrepreneur long narrow flag of lowliness course wakes up to reality like that.

The reflection that place of incident of 3 deer milk powder causes still is in continuance, among them, to the one-sided pursuit of low cost dilate, should become enterprise and even whole market to think over to the profundity of this one incident.

In fact, emphasize low cost dilate one-sidedly, its often are sacrificial product quality as a result, may be the crime that violates company intuitive knowledge and duty even. This respect, incident of 3 deer milk powder and even the awkwardness that at present Chinese milk products course of study is faced with are actual, it is namely newest paradigmatic. The person that talk points out, the many sided problem such as standard of qualitative check of the social responsibility of enterprise of drag in of incident of 3 deer milk powder, China, among them very important is the enterprise goes after low case dilate one-sidedly, the profit of grandma farming is pressed too lowly.

In fact, no matter be,from international home two overall situations look, the requirement that still fulfils two when expand economy of view, implementation scientificly fundamental change according to development, chinese economy from macroscopical and decision-making to microcosmic economy behavior, should leave as soon as possible of low cost fan bureau, be on the road of scientific progress truly.

This is not meant right " low cost " comprehensive and negative, in fact, the economy that Chinese reforming and opening creates 30 years grows a miracle, go up somehow even if produce the miracle of advantage of low cost competition. China before economically rapid development, greatly hang on " China is made " the price advantage in congener product, this has reasonable share among them, labour force price of China is relatively for instance cheap, chinese land, mineral products and even environmental cost are relatively low wait.

But " cheap " do not mean factitious block to break manufacturing cost to rise method, undertake disobeying the wanton depress of market rule to its even. Still be with milk products industry exemple, observer points out, china's tremendous liquid state suckles market rarely to see foreign brand, prime cause depends on his thinking such low price, look from cost proceeds angle essential impossible. Let " impossible " become a possibility, its are wanton depress as a result grandma farming suckles formerly buy the price, cause the make a reckless move of the manufacture in a rough way of each link and even illegal element from this.

Such " low cost " still " outspread " , not be business development not only long plan, big state institute should do his utmost to avoid in the development that is happiness and benefit of common people of a pursuit more. Otherwise, build the enterprise on foundation of twist of this kind of price and economy, cannot last not only, still can cause a variety of complex economic society contradiction, can cause major conflict even, pay huge social cost, be in especially laws and regulations of current and relevant law still below diseased setting.
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