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Raise happy much China: Active transition health food
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The active lactobacillus manufacturer with the biggest whole world, raise happy much (China) investment limited company discloses, the company is filing letter of Chinese health food. The personage inside course of study discloses to our newspaper reporter, the examination of health food the standard is Chinese place is peculiar, once win give an official later, this meant its to be had in China not only accord with supervisory bureau of Chinese food medicines and chemical reagents to be in " health food declares a guideline " bacterium individual plant of the regulation, at the same time transition is health food company, the outstanding achievement that also can be in China for this company brings larger promotion space.

Raise happy much (since Yakult) company makes sale product in Japan from 1935, already became the manufacturer of active lactobacillus drink with the biggest whole world. The success that gains in the application of unripe to beneficial bacterium in food, cosmetic and medicaments already obtained the self-identity of the whole world. In more than 10 years of time that enter China, raise happy much from beginning to end the active lactobacillus in the two plant fungus its company core undertakes selling with single brand, and, more important is, will raise drink of happy much lactobacillus to never also had changed one of platoons for years 5 bottled, every bottles of 100ml contains the level of the 10 billion active lactobacillus via special education.

Raise happy much (China) investment limited company holds water at was in Shanghai 2005, already was in Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Jinan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ning Bo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen up to now sale of division of and other places.

Outspread rate is fixed

Raise happy much (China) when An Zhai Chun Shuxian gives birth to investment limited company in the interviewing that accepts this network reporter, disclose, last month, the day that raises happy much China sold outstanding achievement to achieve 1.4 million bottles. And it is reported, level of this one sale already surpassed a company the day 2008 sells an end.

Press the rough statistic of sales volume of 1 million bottles of day, raise happy the over goal that achieved on Chinese market 2008 sells amount to will amount to left and right sides of 730 million RMB. Its admit at the same time, raise happy do not satisfy at be in chinese mainland area more only two production base. "The company built his to be in China in Guangzhou 2002 base of the first production, later annual we go up in progressively north. " Mr An Zhai expresses. "To 2015, raise Le Duoxi to hope to be able to have 4 production base in China, sale network spreads all over 25 cities. " and disclose according to its, every design that produces base is produced can control in 1.4 million bottles probably, "Always produce of 4 factories can will OK achieve 5.5 million bottled. Every total investment that produces base is 300 million yuan of RMBs about. Every total investment that produces base is 300 million yuan of RMBs about..
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