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Insurance company rejects to be " 3 deer little patient " manage compensate whoe
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"Incident of 3 deer milk powder " the about food safety scar in opening people heart again, at the same time test people psychology bears of force is insurance company rejecting claims.

Insurance company how can rejecting claims?

Because the young daughter of Ms. He drank 3 deer powdered milk and suffer from children kidney stone, around treats a disease cost most is accumulated, she is found drop the claim for compensation of friendly nation insurance that defends healthy insurance for the daughter, sufferred insurance company however justice the rejection with severe decline, friendly nation is sure to claim this incident is not inside safeguard limits.

All along is so-called " provide timely help " the insurance company of typical delegate, the mood came 180 degrees turn greatly, the heart of Ms. He is cool: "For what I bought insurance, produced accident insurance company not compensate? It is intended cherish compensate, find fault rejecting claims? Find fault rejecting claims??

"Incident of 3 deer milk powder " suffer rejecting claims not merely one person of Ms. He, the insurance company of rejecting claims also not merely friendly nation. Policy-holder is in to media painful when appealing to grievance and dissatisfaction, insurance company has his view however.

Insurance company thinks because these children are drinkable 3 deer milk powder has kidney stone be in hospital, the loss that suffers is cause by the disease, the reason of accident insurance category does not include an illness, so according to the principle cannot compensate pays. In the meantime, insurance company thinks children has uremia of exhaustion of chronic kidney function only in the manage compensate limits of major disease risk, with this 3 get together the kidney stone that cyanogen amine brings about belongs to different pathogeny, accordingly these calculous little patients cannot get the compensate of danger pays weighing disease.

The clear and logical that insurance company says. Fortunately right now the government moves, the money that sees a doctor for the child is submitted an expense account by the government, but the shade that this incident brings still stays in parent heart, the industry reputation of insurance faces doubt again, can good business lose social responsibility how again aside?

Needing those who warn insurance company is, lost the faith to insurance company when the parent, go very easily also to drop the blind area that guarantees children a place difficult of access.

Trap of rejecting claims of escape insurance company

Insurance company is not beneficent orgnaization, inevitable meeting plans clear what this compensate what ought not to compensate. It for avoid risk, the major disease that increases risk probability increasingly includes the range that avoid compensate. This was answering that " the bought seed that is inferior to selling " , consumer is cast reason wants when protecting, trap of compensate of escape insurance manage.
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