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Zhuhai boat is exhibited appoint recieve hotel and meal service business
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Good to do the 7th China (Zhuhai) the reception that boat exhibits works, zhuhai city and current boat exhibit an organizing committee to recieve hotel and business of two meal service at appointing 10 a few days ago. Between boat exhibition period, will relieve a sick or injured person of nearly 200 medical treatment and wholesome superintendent development recieve a hotel to begin the work each, ensure provide safe and excellent service for guest.

The boat of the 7th China that held a few days ago is exhibited recieve a hotel excellent service arouses on congress, the reception that controller of health bureau of bureau of Zhuhai city tourism, city exhibits technically with respect to current boat works undertook specific deploy. 10 recieve a hotel to express, boat exhibits brigadier of meal sanitation mark to be carried out by class A, made rigid regulations system to each link such as food, tableware, personnel, meal price will be carried out strictly according to the referenced price of the organizing committee, all meal area is round-the-clock almost open. In addition, to ensure food sanitation is safe, still will invite wholesome supervisory branch actively to undertake guidance to the job. Each hotel will done preparatory work seriously, salute the advent of each Bin Peng with full enthusiasm, excellent service.

It is reported, each recieve a hotel to will strengthen business government, wholesome knowledge, safe production is begun to wait for each to groom integratedly in the near future, undertake the imitate drilling such as bromatoxism lash-up processing. By October before, boat exhibits an organizing committee to will have special test of association to each hotel, do not accord with a requirement, will cancel to recieve a qualification. Between boat exhibition period, zhuhai city health bureau is returned select relieve a sick or injured person of nearly 200 medical treatment is mixed wholesome superintendent, recieve a hotel to begin the work each deep. (reporter Zhu Saiping)

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