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Bureau of qualitative inspect of county of water of Shandong short for the Yihe
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Recently, bureau of qualitative inspect of county of water of Shandong province short for the Yihe River pulled a net to check entire county 206 food produce a business, to the enterprise the production that amount to mark maintains a circumstance to undertake check is rectified and reform.

Execute the law personnel produces what the enterprise obtains card hind to amount to mark to carry a condition to entire county food, check and accept to the raw material of the enterprise especially guard a pass, by standard standard production and product leave factory batch batch examine 3 col undertook the key is checked. The state carries after every obtains evidence not the company of beautiful is same instruct rectify and reform.

In the examination, execute the law personnel discovery is large and medium-sized the production after food produces an enterprise to obtain evidence carries in order, outside remaining to improve except individual business, accord with food basically to produce permissive requirement. A few small-sized food produce an enterprise to be put in a few problems however, like raw material management non-standard, production delivers goods the record is not complete, the product is not saved by the regulation etc, the lab that still a few snack produce a business fails to move effectively, cause company self check to cannot get fulfil and ensure. To this, execute the law personnel already was amounted to according to requirement and nowadays rectify and reform advice note.

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