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Milk powder incident gives birth to business chance Hangzhou to push grass zoolo
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Last week 6, shuang Feng of · of Hangzhou new hope breeds course of study greeted a batch of special visitors -- by Hangzhou average citizen comprises " milk bodyguard " civilian investigation group, close quarters observes the product line of the factory, understanding milk produces whole process and every program that safety detects. "Since be involved in of liquid state grandma ' 3 get together cyanogen amine ' disturbance, like such citizen investigation group we had recieved 78 batches. Most beginning is a citizen of initiative organization, consider circumstance signing up is really hot, we are flat force of nation of associated Zhejiang new world rolls out a special grass zoology to swim circuit. " Shuang Feng of · of Hangzhou new hope breeds Lin Yongyu of limited company president discloses course of study.

Besides easy invite consumer to come to a factory look around, the wholesome quality that Shuang Feng of new hope · breeds course of study also spent a lot of idea to strengthen milk manages. Recently, the company expands endowment tens of 10 thousand yuan introduce major of fluid photograph card to detect from the United States 3 get together the color atlas appearance of cyanogen amine, can undertake detecting to grandma of each batches of finished product and raw material, from raw material grandma and finished product suckle two link to go up, double insurance ground is prevented accuse to 3 get together the possibility of cyanogen amine. Be in the Yu Hangxin factory of operation of new put into production, the mass that still built a 500 square metre designedly detects room, acquired value 3.5 million yuan testing instrument. In the meantime, shuang Feng of · of all new hope leaves factory the milk of batch, the tripartite that passes qualitative check branch detects. Because in upside time bubbling with noise liquid state is suckled " 3 get together cyanogen amine " in disturbance, product of double peak of new hope · all was not detected to go out contain 3 get together cyanogen amine, product sales volume goes tall all the way. Lin Yongyu says, company division falls down the grandma source of 18 grass to had made full use of now, work overtime to still sell not quite everyday.

The relevant sale data of couplet China supermarket shows the century, the sales volume that 3 week Hangzhou produce milk recently rises very fast, grew 30% to control compared to the same period.

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