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Li Jin writes down: Let a product bear a mission
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120 years before, in Zhuhai one cries south on the isle of water, have two very the boy that be close friends. They invented oyster sauce in an accidental opportunity. Then, two people partnership opened plant of an oyster sauce to Hong Kong, because flavour is delicious, oyster sauce becomes the dressing that everybody loves very quickly.

In these two boys, have a surname plum. Pass as more and more intimate as dietary group contact, he also understands dietary culture of China increasingly.

At that time, enter China gradually as western culture, western-style food also had taller and taller place in China gradually. Right now, plum the surname thinks in boy heart: Must take dietary culture of China to the whole world through oyster sauce, the person that lets a whole world accepts dietary culture of China.

Then, he invests capital ceaselessly, initiate new technology on the foundation of the original oyster sauce that make at the same time, develop new product ceaselessly at the same time, beautiful big fund makes conduct propaganda. To make big market, he still abandoned a lot of earning very reluctantly at the moment the opportunity of the interest.

Once, settle on of an England factory their oyster sauce, preparation gives high price to buy the making technology of next oyster sauce from their hand, by plum surname boy rebuff.

His partner says achingly: "Resemble you such, be afraid of all one's life only also cannot send money. Dietary culture of China and your individual have nothing to do with again, oneself make money matter! " plum surname boy says: "Not! Our oyster sauce is bearing a kind of mission on the body! The dietary culture that it wants to taking China in the future moves toward a whole world! The dietary culture that it wants to taking China in the future moves toward a whole world!!

Still once, his partnership reduces cost artificially, earn higher profit, purchased a batch of dead oyster, plum ground of surname boy boil with anger says: "Our oyster sauce has a mission, how can you cheat common people so? " he make fall, checkmate oyster falls into the sea entirely. Copartner feels he " impenetrable " , divided the home with him.

After breaking up, plum surname boy falls in the premise that assures oyster sauce quality, improve a technology ceaselessly. But, close in the social setting at that time and market below the influence that waits for an element, although his oyster sauce is deep the reliance of common people and welcome, fail to walk out of Hong Kong from beginning to end however. However, even if is such, he places the mission on product body to had not changed from beginning to end. In his old age, the posterity that he expresses the mission concept of the product to him -- the soul that the mission of the product is a product and spirit, it is the skeleton of the product. The product resembles is a person, anyhow, the person cannot do not have the soul, spirit and skeleton!

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